LAUREL CANYON—The Los Angeles Police Department’s Force Investigation Division is investigating an Officer-Involved Shooting that transpired in the North Hollywood Division on November 30 around 2:30 p.m. Patrol officers responded to a radio call for an “Assault with a Deadly Weapon, suspect there now,” at a business located at the 7500 block of Laurel Canyon Boulevard.

The suspect later identified as Francisco Javier Alba, 52, assaulted an employee inside the location and exited before walking across the street to the west sidewalk. Officers arrived at the location and spoke with the victim, who provided details of the incident, which described that a misdemeanor battery and vandalism occurred. The victim described Alba as the suspect but declined to make a private person’s arrest.

Officers exited the business and returned to their police cruiser where they began to complete the associated crime reports, when Alba returned. He approached the officers while holding a drywall hammer with combined hatchet blade in his hand and appeared to be wearing numerous layers of clothing. Alba began arguing with the officers when they ordered him not to return to the business.

The suspect walked across the street to the west sidewalk while becoming increasingly agitated. Officers requested an additional unit for a “415 man” and for approximately 30-35 minutes continued to order Alba to leave the area and drop the bladed hammer. Alba started crossing the street toward the officers with the hammer in his hand. Officers gave Alba numerous orders to stop, get out of the street and drop the hammer.

He refused to comply with commands resulting in officers utilizing numerous less lethal munitions including a TASER, 40mm less-lethal-launchers and beanbag shotguns, which were ineffective. Alba continued to advance towards one officer, while still armed with the hammer in his hand stating, “Shoot it, shoot it,” at which point an Officer-Involved Shooting occurred.

He was struck by gunfire, fell to the ground and was taken into custody without further incident. Personnel from the Los Angeles Fire Department responded to the scene and transported Alba by rescue ambulance to Holy Cross Medical Center where he was admitted for gunshot wounds and listed in stable condition.

A drywall hammer with combined hatchet blade was recovered from the scene and booked as evidence. No officers or other community members were injured as a result of this incident.

The LAPD’s specialized Force Investigation Division responded to the scene, interviewed witnesses, and supervised the collection of evidence by the Forensic Science Division personnel. The complete investigation will be reviewed by the Chief of Police, the Board of Police Commissioners, and the Office of the Inspector General to determine the thoroughness and accuracy of the investigation and whether the use of deadly force complied with LAPD’s policies and procedures.