SAN FRANCISCO—To cut down on police confrontations, San Francisco’s mayor London Breed announced on Thursday, June 12 that police will no longer be responding to non-criminal calls.

Police will stop responding to calls pertaining to the following: disruptive neighbors, homeless people reports and disciplinary intervention in schools.

“We are going to keep going with these additional reforms and continuing to find ways to reinvest in communities that have historically been underserved and harmed by systemic racism,” Breed said in the news release issued on Thursday, June 12.

The focus of Breed’s message in the news release was developing effective plans that are similar to the Cahoots program. The Cahoots program involves sending social workers to handle cases dealing with addiction and abuse within the community. This ultimately means that trained and unarmed professionals will go out into the city to respond to distress non-criminal calls.

Breed said that San Francisco will be strengthening accountability policies within the city. Also, funding will be given to help the African American community.

According to Breed’s proposal, tear gas would also be banned in non-criminal settings.

Breed said that she wanted to make plans that translated into real action within the city of San Francisco. She said that within the next year a concise plan will be made when it comes to improving the direct connection between the community and the city workers.