HOLLYWOOD—I can already see where “The Young and the Restless” is headed for February Sweeps, and let me say America, I am not impressed. Seriously? Are we seriously about to reignite another Newman family way and another war with Victor Newman and Jack Abbott. Damn, how many times have we seen this war? I mean at least 1 to 2 times a year and it has happened for years on years people, hell decades, with many casualties along the way.

You would think Victor and Jack would have learned something after Colleen, Traci’s daughter lost her life as a result of these two titans not learning how to put their egos to the side for once in their life and to consider others. Nope.  Victor Newman just has to be a power player no matter what. Rather it is in business or family. Right now it’s family. Victor has royally screwed over his son Adam Newman for years. Look, this is no testament to the wicked deeds that Adam has committed during his tenure on the soap because there has been a lot, but even with that admission it does not give a father the right to do what Victor is doing to teach Adam a ‘lesson.’

At its core, Adam has only wanted validation from his father. He was the secret child the rest of the family had no clue about, and when you look at Nick and Victoria, its apparent Adam is inferior to them. So Victor’s latest plan is to use Kyle to find a scheme to push Adam out of Jabot and back into Newman. Guess what Victor: that plan is not going to work the way that you think. Adam has no interest in aligning with the company when he was just recently screwed over when Victoria allowed Ashland Locke to screw her over. As a reward, Victor pushed Adam out and reinstated Victoria. Talk about betrayal people.

Kyle is such an idiot for agreeing to this plan without alerting his father, Jack as to what is transpiring. Summer warned her husband and the tension between these two is continuing to build. Not sure how long this marriage will last because it was always a love affair predicated on lies. There is one little problem Victor and Kyle didn’t expect, Adam discovering what is going on behind the scenes. Hmm, when Adam learns he’s being double crossed look out because when he exact his revenge it is never kind.

Let’s chat about Adam a bit longer because Sally’s bun in the oven could belong to Adam. For now, Nick is aware Sally is pregnant, but no one else knows except Chloe. This week, Nick learned that Adam could be the father, which I suspect he was aware of people. I secretly want Nick to be the father because he constantly loses out on this front when it comes to his brother. It would be a welcome twist, but I could see the writers making Adam the father to reunite Sally with who many are calling her true love. Side note: Courtney Hope leaving “B&B” and coming to “Y&R” is the best thing that could have happened for the actress. The writers know how to utilize the actresses’ talent and they’re not wasting it at all.

Jack and Diane! Jack and Diane are back together and the news was dropped to Kyle and Summer who were a bit speechless. I wonder what Phyllis and Nikki will say when they learn the truth. Phyllis is going to be an absolute mess, and Nikki is going to do her best to warn her former husband of the danger he’s inviting into his life. With that said, Phyllis has other plans which include reuniting Daniel with Heather and his daughter, even though Daniel has no idea.

Phyllis, I know you love your kids, but when you interject yourself into their personal lives that is a massive problem and not in a good way people. Daniel has no idea, but we already know Heather and her daughter are returning to Genoa City which is going to cause a hiccup in Daniel’s possible romance with Lily. Yes, I want to see Lily and Daniel reunited, as everyone including Newman Media is fighting for his gaming platform.

Nate is a complete buffoon. He doesn’t know what he’s doing in the business world. Audra is a rate, and as I predicted Nate and Victoria shared a steamy kiss which is only going to blow up his relationship with Elena. Nate just seems to not be faithful people, he is always moving on to the next best thing and this is the nail in the coffin for Elena.

I do not understand this person’s character; he crossed to the dark side, but he’s become so arrogant and dismissive it’s not even funny at this point. Chelsea and Billy are getting closer, as our Sharon and Chance, but nothing has actually transpired with those two yet. I really hope “Y&R” delivers for February Sweeps because in previous years it has been disappointment after disappointment for me.