UNITED STATES—It is only natural for us to welcome the new year with a new resolution. Aside from achieving new goals and targets, improving mental health should also be on your 2023 priority list.

Many people still do not realize that their mental health does wonders for their overall wellbeing. With a healthy mentality, your life will be much calmer and greatly improve. By taking care of your mental health, you will feel some of the effects such as a better mood, building resilience, and helping to enjoy life as a whole.

Some simple steps can be implemented to improve the quality of your mental health, and with these changes, you can be sure that this will affect all aspects of life! If you want to make a resolution in 2023 which is to maintain mental health, here are tips for you to be able to do it.

Always Think and Speak Positively

How you think about yourself can have a great impact on yourself. Thus, thinking and talking positively about yourself is one way to always be optimistic about life.

If your thoughts are already negative about yourself, it will also have an impact on your mental health. You will continue to feel deprived and worthless because of the negative thoughts that come to your head.

Workout More Often

Sport is a good activity to maintain mental health. You may only do a short morning walk for 15 minutes, but this can make your physical and mental health be well maintained. During a workout session, our body will release endorphins hormones that can improve mood, and make the body and mind more relaxed. In short, this hormone can reduce pain and provide positive energy. Thus why actively working out can do wonders for your mental health.

Get Better Sleep Quality

Enough sleep is not enough. Aside from having a proper rest time, you should also make sure that the quality of your sleep is good. Try to create a sleep schedule and avoid heavy meals and activities before bed.

Lack of sleep can make a person more irritable and less energetic. On the other hand, getting enough sleep at night can make you feel refreshed and energized when you wake up.

Take Time for Yourself

Various daily activities may make a person forget to pay attention to themselves. Therefore, try to spend time for yourself periodically to relieve the various stresses and pressures that you feel.

If you don’t like to continuously be around people, it is okay to take some time off to give yourself some “me time.” It will help you to know yourself better, and get connected on a deeper level.

Eat Delicious and Healthy Food

You need to eat delicious and healthy food so that your body can maintain its energy. In addition to providing the nutrients it needs, eating delicious and healthy will also help to nourish the brain. A healthy, balanced diet can make a person feel better about themselves!

You should consume healthy, antioxidant-rich proteins and fats such as fish, dark chocolate, and blueberries. These are calming, energizing, and rich foods that definitely will make your mood better as you eat them!

Speak your mind

In this year of 2023, stop harboring your thoughts and feelings by yourself until you only feel bitterness inside of you. If you are angry or feel irritated about something, speak your mind. Don’t just wish that people will understand you, without you needing to explain. Learn to be open to others, which makes you more able to think positively and get to know yourself better.


Establishing relationships or interactions with other people is also important in maintaining mental health.  As social beings, humans can feel a better mood just by interacting with other people. But remember you should socialize or make friends with people who can only bring positivity to your life. Avoid relationships that will make you feel stressed or negative.

Give Yourself a Reward

One way to maintain mental health is by rewarding yourself. That may sound like self-indulgence, but self-reward can actually provide you with more energy and positive feeling.

The rewards should be based on things you like. So, each person will have their own self-reward preference. One general self-reward that can be useful is by hiring a professional cleaner to clean up their living space.

It is only natural for us to sometimes feel like we are over tired due to the work activity that we have to do, thus our energy is too drained to clean the house. On the other hand, keeping the house clean is very important to maintain mental health. Unclean and cluttered space will make it easier for you to feel frustrated, thus why maintaining a clean house is never more important.

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Entering the new year we have to strive to be better and healthier. Thus, ensuring that your mental health is properly maintained should be the priority because this can help carry out your other resolutions!