CALIFORNIA—On Sunday, December 6, one person was arrested during a Black Lives Matter protest outside the home of Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti. Jeremey Pennock was arrested and charged under California Penal Code 405a for removing someone from police custody. 

Sunday marked the 13th consecutive day of Black Lives Matter protests in an attempt to block Mayor Garcetti from being appointed to Joe Biden’s cabinet. The organization is planning on conducting demonstrations every day until Biden commits to not appointing Garcetti to his cabinet.

A Black Lives Matters Los Angeles chapter is accusing the Los Angeles Police Department of ambushing demonstrators and retweeted a statement on Twitter that accuses Mayor Garcetti of upholding “liberal white supremacy in Los Angeles.”

The organization also claims that Garcetti is “responsible for exacerbating the double-figure increase in homelessness, condoning the destruction of affordable housing in low-income neighborhoods in favor of privately funded commercial projects, and muddling his commitment to transit projects so that they benefit tourist-driven mega-events, not long-term residents. Garcetti’s political career is a failure at best.”

On Monday, December 7, marked the 14th consecutive day of protest outside Garcetti’s residence. He previously stated that he is determined to focus on local matters and is not weighing in on the possibility of a cabinet position with Biden.