HOLLYWOOD HILLS—Los Angeles Police Department and Fire Department responded to emergency calls reported at the 13200 block of Mulholland Drive at 12:48 a.m. of shots fired during a mansion party, resulting in the death of a woman and three others being injured on Tuesday, August 4.

The initial report from LAFD states, “LAFD responded to a reported shooting, where three adult victims have been located, treated, and transported to local hospitals. Two of those are in critical condition. A fourth injury has been located nearby, reporting a non-firearm-related injury (wrist) sustained while fleeing the scene.”

The woman who suffered fatal wounds, identified as Brandi Parham, was a mother of three and was pronounced deceased at the hospital. The other victims have yet to be identified.

A party goer, Gabriel Cervantes, had been filming the party during the incident and caught moments of the shooting on camera before uploading it to his Instagram with the caption:

“Big Hollywood Hills mansion party off Mulholland Drive shots fired people shot a lot of big Ballers were gambling lost a lot of money were pissed then a bunch of gangsters came in and robbed everybody and started shooting everybody. a lot of people with money and guns and gangsters got crazy I ran for my life it was crazy.”

LAPD  reported that they had received several complaints on Monday, August 3 around 6:30 p.m. in regards to the house party having over 200 guests. The department began enforcing traffic laws and ticketed cars for blocking the streets but did not evacuate the party due to the Beverly Crest home being private property. The guests had reportedly been compliant and the music never exceeded  high volumes.

Investigators have reported the mansion was being rented out for the event. The crime is currently an active investigation with the LAPD reporting it could possibly be gang-related. No suspects have been arrested in connection to the shooting.