SANTA MONICA—Extracurricular classes will now be taking place via Zoom calls in Los Angeles County schools, which will be an issue for coaches and physical education teachers.

The classes will be supervised by teacher sponsors and taught online just like any other class, which involves sitting at a desk and listening to a lesson plan.

Schools in Los Angeles County will incorporate extracurricular activities, even though they are meant to take part in large groups. Concerts, theater classes and sporting events with big crowds are not possible.

According to the California Interscholastic Federation, which is the governing body for high school sports for the state, they are postponing fall sporting events to January 2021, while spring events will not happen until May.

Based on specific protocols, the only sports K-12 schools in Los Angeles County that are allowed to play are ones that already meet the required social distancing rules between people, such as golf and tennis.

Players hoping to receive scholarships to their preferred universities will be impacted, as they will have less preferences to choose from because of the current pandemic. Sports such as football and basketball will be impacted the most.