UNITED STATES─Unless you have been living under a rock, you know by now, some states across the U.S. are starting to reopen their economies. If you were to ask me a week ago if this was ok, I would say yes, but now, not so much. Why? We are still seeing many cases of the Coronavirus pop up in various regions. The cases are not decreasing enough where it would not be alarming in my personal opinion. As bad as I want to visit a multiplex right now, there is not a chance in hell I would go if they reopened, unless perhaps it was a minimum of 10 people to a theater, with significant social distancing in the process.

I mean hair salons, barbershops, nail salons, are starting to open in some regions, and there is absolutely no way I would be heading to a barbershop, where my barber has a face mask and gloves on to cut my hair. Sorry, but it just ain’t happening people and trust me I need a haircut really bad America. However, my health matters a lot more to me. I mean Georgia, Oklahoma along with a  few other states are getting ready if they haven’t already started to allow businesses to reopen to the public.

I mean in Michigan gardeners can get back to work. I’m all for that, you’re out doors taking care of lawns and such they should be able to work, however, flower shops, bike shops, I don’t see them as essential businesses. This is not me saying they should not be able to operate, but acting as if they are providing a vital service to the public is laughable. We keep talking about this issue of social distancing, yet people are not following it. You can take a walk, go to the park, but it defeats the purpose if everyone is congregating at the park, and we’re being told NOT to be in massive crowds.

This is how the virus spreads and this is how the virus continues to spread to the point, where we are unable to control the number of cases and decrease the likelihood that more people will get sick. President Trump is doing the best he can as our Commander-in-Chief to get things in order. Do I think action could have been taken a bit sooner? Yes, but this is where we are and if the President is alerting governors across the country against opening up their economies too soon, he has a reason or that. He has information and knowledge that others might now have.

We do not want to have a situation where we have another wave of this deadly virus that ends up knocking America to our knees in a way that we don’t recover. I mean, the economy has already tanked people. Businesses are closed, businesses are going out of business and some will NOT recover from this crisis. The level of unemployment in this country is gargantuan. I mean I cannot recall the last time so many people were unemployed. It is to the point that almost everyone I talk to is out of work, and countless others are looking to find work.

Those federal and government jobs that I have always touted as guaranteed, are now being cut because states and the government are losing income because so many companies are unable to operate people. I told many people that perhaps by the end of May, early June at the earliest the economy might start to move back to some sort of normalcy. However, the more I think about it, it might be the end of June early July before we really start to see things take a turn for the better.

People are worried and I think people are more concerned about their health than making money. At least I know that is my thinking process right now. You cannot be too safe right now, and if ensuring stay-at-home orders are in effect for another week or two to ensure this curve is diminished, I’m all for it. Yes, I might be a bit bored as is every America right now, but it has a purpose in the long run: to SAVE LIVES! Remember that people, the goal is to save lives.

Written By Zoe Mitchell