BEVERLY HILLS—The Beverly Hills Public Works Commission requested city staff present an ordinance to be considered this summer to the Beverly Hills City Council that is focused to decrease single-use plastic cutlery including to-go (forks, spoons, knives, etc.) at food service establishments.

The city of Beverly Hills indicated in a press release that if passed, the ordinance would require plastic cutlery to only be distributed upon customer request – a change that would help decrease environmental pollution as well  as carbon emissions from manufacturing and disposal of plastic cutlery.

“This Ordinance makes it simple for the community to eliminate one stream of singleuse plastics – disposable cutlery, without much effort,” said Director of Public Works, Shana Epstein.

Over the next few weeks, Beverly Hills will hold a series of informational public meetings about the proposed ordinance. Business owners as well as residents are asked to attend.

The Public Works Commission is an advisory body and the ordinance would need approval from the Beverly Hills City Council. To learn more and to view meeting dates, visit