UNITED STATES—Accountability is something that so many of us fail to properly acknowledge or admit that we have problems with. Why? It mean we have to admit that we made a mistake we caused a problem and we need to fix it. I learning as I get older that the notion of being accountable is something that I can no longer do people. I have to be held completely accountable for my actions and behavior. Why? Its growth people! When you own a mistake, you learn from the mistake, you grow from the mistake and you behave in a manner that is adult-like.

Yeah, being an adult is NOT always the glorious thing so many of us think it is. You learn quickly as an adult you have responsibilities and with those responsibilities you cannot cut corners. When you cut corners you also run into situations where you have to fix bigger problems than you expected. Yes, we all make mistakes that is life; you live and you learn, but at the same time, do not allow a mistake to be your reasoning for bad behavior or bad energy.

I am indeed an energy person, but at the same time I fully believe that just thinking about something doesn’t necessarily bring those things into your orbit. You have to be willing to make sacrifices to achieve those things that you are thinking about so intently. Think of those things that put a smile on your face or brighten the day. With bad energy you start to make mistakes, so you do have to alter the energy in your orbit because if you allow that pesky bad energy to get the best of you guess what: mistakes will be made.

Now, once again, a mistake is NOT the end of the world, a mistake can be costly so you do have to understand the impact of your mistake can be gargantuan so think about that when you are reckless at times with your actions. However, when you own a mistake it’s not just about taking accountability, but you’re showing a level of trust with those in your orbit, you’re not attempting to lie or hide things from those who trust you. That is the last thing you want to do people. Honesty matter, and the more honest you are the more reliable you are to those who have come to trust you.

Don’t sit back and be idle, own what you’ve done, fix it however it needs to be fixed and then move on to the next thing.  Do not harp on the issue that causes bad energy and that can lead to more mistakes ones that you probably do not want to deal with people. I have learned every single day that I age, that the world is full of people who make mistakes; the difference is some of us own what we’ve done, while others ignore the situation completely. Also when you let the mistake that you’ve made be known, it is a large weight lifted off your shoulders that allows you to focus on things that are more important.

Written By Zoe Mitchell