PACIFIC PALISADES—On Thursday, June 17, the Pacific Palisades Community Council (PPCC) announced that they have retained attorney Dean Wallraff to assist in opposing Los Angeles City Councilmember Mike Bonin’s proposal to implement homeless housing at Will Rogers State Beach (WRSB).

On May 26, the Los Angeles City Council passed Bonin’s motion to use state beach parking lots, including the lot at WRSB for homeless housing. The PPCC stated in a letter to the City Administrative Officer that the “PPCC maintains that the WRSB parking lot is entirely infeasible and strongly opposes its use for homeless housing of any kind.”

In another letter to the City Administrative Officer, the PPCC noted that on June 10, a fire at the Palisades Bowl mobile homes complex was deliberately started by a couple experiencing homelessness.

“As we also noted in our June 10th letter, the Palisades area currently experiences fires caused by homeless individuals on the beach and in our nearby bluffs,” PPCC stated to the City Administrative Officer. “Whether on the beach, in bluffs or in the Palisades Bowl, these fires are extremely dangerous. As LAFD can attest, fires can easily cause embers to fly into surrounding brush areas and threaten the entire community – including the many homeless individuals who camp in the bluffs and are hidden in the brush.”

Bonin was recently served with a recall notice on Tuesday, June 15, and is being accused of exacerbating “the humanitarian crisis of the homeless population,” by the recall campaign.

“This effort is encouraged, backed and fueled by people who have repeatedly fought to stop housing, shelter, and services, perpetuating a crisis that is hurting our neighborhoods and leaving people to die on the street,” Bonin said in response to the recall effort.

“And make no mistake — this recall has been championed and promoted by the same right-wing forces that are trying to erode the democratic process and take down progressive officials around the state.”

“No matter what they throw at me, I will not be deterred in my efforts to tackle our toughest problems, and will keep pushing for the big and progressive change that LA needs and deserves.”