UNITED STATES—I’ll be the first to admit I’m a lover of fruits, but particularly tropical fruits. Mango, papaya, coconut, kiwi are consistent members in my refrigerator. About a year ago, I discovered a fruit that I have come to absolutely adore. Any ideas which fruit I might be referring to? Its passion fruit!

Yep, for most Americans this is a fruit they’ve never heard of, it’s not the easiest fruit to find in stores. I first stumbled across the fruit in the dairy section while purchasing yogurt. I decided to buy a cup of Chobani yogurt with passion fruit and nearly died of the wonderful flavor of passion fruit.

This is a fruit that isn’t the easiest to eat, while it may look slimy, that sliminess is pure heaven. There is a sweetness to passion fruit that is difficult to describe, but it’s unlike anything that you’ve ever tried before. In addition, the fruit is somewhat difficult to eat because it’s loaded with tons of black little seeds. Now the seeds are edible, but for most Americans and children, it’s something you’d prefer to eliminate. Trust me I feel the same way.

This is a fruit that is seasonal, so the best time to scoop it up is during the summer months at your local famer’s market or at the fruit market. The fruit is a small shaped purple oval, like an orange, but the texture is a bit softer. Upon slicing the fruit in half you will immediately notice its fragrant smell which is unlike the smell of any other fruit in my opinion. You’ll know passion fruit is around when you smell it.

Best approach to eating the fruit is cutting it in half and eliminating the seeds to enjoy the fruit for all of its beauty. When it comes to health benefits, passion fruit has an abundant source of potassium, phosphorous, Vitamin A, beta-carotene and Vitamin C. While the fruit can be used in a multitude of ways from fruit salads, to deserts, to smoothies, I think this is one treat that is perfect to consume by itself.