HOLLYWOOD—Dare I even say this, I’m bored with the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Their seemed to be so much story potential that has just dissipated in a matter of weeks. Why? Well we had Steffy and Liam sleep together, she became pregnant, Hope and Finn learned the secret, and the audience was left waiting for the results. As predicted Liam was announced the father of the child, causing further rifts in his relationship with Hope who has been betrayed one too many times.

Finn has dedicated himself to Steffy in a way that in the real world this would be a deal breaker America. However, a hiccup has been delivered along the way: Vinny. Yes, Thomas’ buddy, who just happens to work at the same hospital as Finn and Steffy’s doctor and happens to be a lab technician. I mean, if you’re going to tease the audience let there be a bit of mystery. However, with Vinny, the writers are screaming to the viewers of course he tampered with the paternity results.

Yeah, and the truth came out this week after constant badgering from Thomas, that Vinny fixed the results and it’s actually Finn who is the father of Steffy’s bundle of joy. Are you surprised? You should be because neither am I because it was so obvious a 2 year-old could have figured out this predictable plot twist America. This reveal is just going to further allow Steffy’s portrayer, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood to take her maternity leave. It was all, but confirmed when Finn eavesdropped on Thomas and Vinny’s conversation and Thomas’ bestie was forced to answer some tough questions people!

Hope and Liam I’m certain will reconcile to some degree, even though she might still have some reservations about her hubby’s cheating ways. If anything this will force Liam and Hope to see Thomas in a new light America. With that said, we have to discuss this unfortunately. The Logan women (Brooke, Donna and Katie) have forgiven Flo for her role in the Beth baby bomb. It took like 3 episodes to get to this point, and ended with Flo getting a job at Forrester Creations.

Looks like you can do dastardly deeds and get everything you want, only in the soap world America. I am still waiting to see the moment Hope and Flo come face-to-face. It seems like these characters have had no interaction whatsoever after the Beth reveal, so with Flo NOW working at FC they will indeed cross paths. Donna, Katie, Ridge and Brooke may have forgiven Flo, but I don’t think the same will be said for Hope, who was the most impacted by Flo’s misdeed.

I’ve said this before, with the baby bomb revealed and Sally Spectra NO LONGER in the picture, Flo serves no purpose as a character on the soap. Neither her or Wyatt have anything to do, the next step is marriage, have a baby and sail into the sunset if we’re being honest. The same sentiment can also be echoed for Bill Spencer. I mean this guy was all over the screen nearly a year ago and has been virtually non-existent until late. He’s still fighting for Katie’s forgiveness and he’s on the verge of getting it. Which means at the bottom everyone on “The Bold and the Beautiful” are living happily ever-after. Leaves viewers wondering, where the hell is the drama then?

In other news, Carter pulled the plug on his relationship with Zoe devastating her. She was livid with Paris somehow thinking she was responsible for her engagement blowing up in her face. No Zoe, as Paris clearly stated and Ridge, you have to face the consequences of your actions for flirting with Zende, knowing you were about to marry another man. Zoe demanded Paris quit Forrester Creations and leave town, but Paris refused and considering she’s getting cozy with Zende there wasn’t a chance in hell Paris was about to give all that up. It looks like the sibling rivalry between these ladies is about to intensify to new heights.

We’ve just ended February Sweeps which were lackluster to say the least and we have May Sweeps right around the corner, so what do the writers have planned to deliver drama for viewers. They better cook up something fast or give us some sort of hint of a storyline headed our way because right now I don’t see anything at all that would make viewers want to keep watching.