HOLLYWOOD—I honestly thought we would have to wait a bit longer to see the wicked Ashland Locke make his presence known on the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless,” but I was wrong. Ashland made his presence known in Genoa City this week and let’s just say it left Kyle Abbott reeling. The character is being portrayed by Richard Burgi who last appeared as a serial killer on the ABC soap “General Hospital.” Burgi definitely exudes evil in a cautious way. You see it in his presence, but he doesn’t have to say much to convince one he is not to be toyed with.

I was never interested in really seeing Kyle and Ashland go toe-to-toe over the fact that his wife Tara had a child with another man and he was unaware of it. I’m more intrigued to see Ashland’s interaction with Jack Abbott and Victor Newman. We all know Jack can be a presence when need be and if he learns that his son is in danger and worse, his grandson he still has NO IDEA about is a risk, we might see a side of Jack not seen before.

More intriguing is to see the interaction of Victor and Ashland. We’ve only HEARD how ruthless Ashland could be in the business world just imagine how he responds to dealing with personal matters? Kyle, Summer, Phyllis, Jack, Victor, Jabot and Newman Enterprises could all face devastating blows.

Summer will likely plead for her grandfather to help her lover igniting a war that could burn a torch thru Genoa City that audiences have never seen people. I am really eager to see how this chaos plays out America, like I have a renewed interest in “The Young and the Restless” since “The Bold and the Beautiful” just sucked all the storytelling aspect out of its soap as of late.

Ashland is at the core of a bidding war for his company, Cyaxares, which has Billy, Lilly, Jack, Victor, Adam and Victoria in a bidding war. Victoria has indeed become a pesky character. It seems like when she has no love interest, she is just annoying. With that said, Victoria is jealous as hell of Billy’s romance with Lily. She is doing her best to hide, it but she is not doing a great job. If I’m being honest I’m glad Billy and Victoria are over, the two were just two toxic together.

Speaking of toxic, look no further than Elena and Devon who continue to lust after each other, even though they are focused on trying to build a relationship with their respective others. Devon with Amanda, Nate with Elena, but they can’t keep themselves away from one another. They are indeed playing with fire, as Amanda thinks she’s getting closer to Devon, while Nate feels himself drifting from Elena. If the relationship drama was not enough, Devon has decided to play a major role in Abby’s surrogacy to help her have a child.

The key gist of this column is the stress a ton of relationships are currently facing including Rey and Sharon. After he learned about her kiss with Adam, it sent him into a fury, so much to the point that he was ready to call it quits if Sharon did not agree to marriage counseling. It is indeed a start, but I sense bigger issues are headed their way. One good thing is Faith finally confessing the entire truth about the bullying and stress she has been dealing with in school. Now that it’s out in the open, the healing can now begin people.

This brings us to the revenge tale that is sure to ignite to higher chaos as we inch towards May sweeps. Chelsea is healing people. She is able to move, she is standing and she is starting to speak. She has been great at hiding this for weeks from Adam who has NO IDEA that his wife wants to make him pay for frolicking with Sharon. Chelsea’s plan was going well until Chloe discovered progress her pal has been making. For Chloe, this is everything she has asked for: getting revenge on Adam Newman once and for all. The pals are looking to deliver a shock to Adam he will never see coming, and rightfully so, Adam will NOT see this bomb drops people.

What does Chelsea have in store for Adam? She is keeping mum on those details even with her bestie. That also brings me to the question that is lingering in my head: is Sally really serious about Jack. They have been getting closer as the days go by, but they recently shared a kiss that was witnessed by Kyle and Summer of all people. Is Sally into Jack as much as Jack is into her? Or is this all a ruse of a bigger plan that Sally has? I’m wondering and if so Sally go face major backlash if she betrays Jack from a bevy of people and she’d be out of GC as quick as she left Los Angeles.