UNITED STATES—What are we doing America, where nowadays we cannot seem to utter two simple words: EXCUSE ME! Ugh, this drives me absolutely bonkers and I do not mean that in the slightest way. I swear I may have given some of the dirtiest looks to date to so many people during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

We are lacking common courtesies nowadays and I do not know how to explain this to the rest of the world. I mean if someone is holding the door for you, the least you can say is THANK YOU! Two words yet again, but people should not assume this is a given, it is not, you need to show respect and the courtesy to the person who did you a favor.

I’m not sure if it’s a cultural thing or not, but some people just don’t know how to utter those words and it’s absolutely sickening to my stomach. If you’re trying to get past someone or you mistakenly bump into someone, you better utter the words, “excuse me.” To not do so, shows a lack of disregard for the other person and shows as a human being that you seem to think the world revolves around you. Hey, you, I’m talking to YOU, it does not!

It is 2018, and the fact that so many Americans think those are words they don’t have to utter or speak send chills down my spine! Do we need to make it a requirement to those in high school? Do we really need an etiquette course or class on public decency? I would have never thought that 10 years ago, but now, yes we need it because my patience is boiling. I used to be a very patient person, and I’m not sure if its people, age or just the notion that people’s behaviors have gotten worse over time.

Look I know if you’re going to the grocery store the day before a big holiday or the day of the holiday the crowds are going to be larger than normal. The same applies for big shopping holidays like Black Friday. If I didn’t have the patience, I would not venture out, but I think my patience is well, but so many Americans are being tested on a daily basis. We are being pushed to see how far is too far before we explode. I think I would snap if someone pushes a child or kid in their rush to get to a doorbuster or item that is a great price.

I always make the argument no item is worth such behavior, but you would be surprised by what you see some people do when it comes to getting a deal. This is the point where more Americans have to let their voices be heard and let it be known that such behavior is unacceptable. We cannot just utter it under our breath or write a blog or column discussing the issue; we need to voice it when we see it. If you hold a door for someone and they fail to acknowledge you let them know you exist, if someone bumps you are is just utterly rude, call them out on their behavior.

By failing to put a spotlight on an issue that is growing in intensity, we just allow that issue to get bigger and bigger and that helps no one in the long run.

Written By Kelsey Thomas