HOLLYWOOD—Well the chickens have come home to roost on “Days of Our Lives,” especially for business mogul Paulina Price. That little secret that she had been keeping about being the mother of Lani Price and not her aunt exploded in epic fashion, per usual at a wedding. Yes, Paulina was all ready to marry the man of her dreams Abe, but her daughter Chanel with a little help from ‘MarDevil’ that is the name the wicked evil has been coined in the soap community push that secret to the forefront.

It was a bomb people a big one that resulted in Lani delivering a slap to her aunt, excuse me, her mother’s face. Abe was stunned, as was Theo who both came to the realization that Lani is not their blood. Chanel just realized the women who she thought was her cousin is actually her half-sister, one who she could have bonded with all this time, but because of her mother was deprived of that time.

So Paulina Price’s world was blown to bits, but this is a woman who when knocked down finds a way to get back up, and she has revenge on her mind and her focus is on Marlena, the woman she revealed that secret to. Um Paulina, you might want to be careful, because Marlena is not just a psychiatrist/therapist, she is possessed by a horrific evil one that is shaking Salem to its core right now. If you poke the bear you could indeed pay the price.

I mean MarDevil already has John Black being held captive in the DiMera crypt, but he got some company when Susan who discovered what was going on with Marlena was exposed. Susan managed to escape, but came face-to-face with evil before she could fully escape. Dammit Susan, when John said run you should have heeded that advice with an iron fist! She did not and John found himself being tempted by Kristen DiMera, and I mean the character portrayed by the great Eileen Davidson, who has appeared here and there on “The Young and Restless,” but hasn’t had a meaty storyline in quite some time people. It was great to see the actress in the role tempting John to toss Marlena aside and come to her. John did not and he paid a price for it, but Steve and Kayla something was up with Marlena, and Steve with one of his hunches went to the crypt to discover Susan covered in blood. We know John isn’t dead based on that winter teaser “DOOL” released so take that for what it is.

Rafe and Ava are still dancing around their relationship. Ava is all in Rafe, not so much because he slept with Nicole, which Ava does not know, neither does Sam, but she will very soon people. Gabi and Jake are celebrating a victory over Philip, just as Johnny and Chanel plan to jet to Italy. Yeah, I thought Johnny was making a movie, but that seems to have turned into a bust people. Paulina may have forgiven Chanel, but she was NOT invited to Lani’s Thanksgiving supper, even though her grandmother Olivia was.

In other big Salem news, Sami Brady is back. She has been held against her will, but managed to make a call. The problem was that call was made to Marlena who is in no actual position to help Sami escape the clutches of her vengeful hubby, EJ, who is still pinning after Nicole who is pinning after Rafe, who happens to be with Ava. Did you get all of that America because I know it is a mouthful to say the least people! I was certain that EJ was responsible for Sami’s predicament, but now, not so much, which raises a big question who is and why doesn’t EJ seem to know where his wife is people?