HOLLYWOOD—Should I say I’m not surprised because guess what “General Hospital” fans, I’m NOT SURPRISED! We got the big reveal last Monday that Peter August is very much alive and it begs the question how long has he been sauntering around Port Charles and stalking Maxie before making his presence known in Nixon Falls. Yes, Peter came face-to-face with Sonny Corinthos, um, Mike. At this point, I’m very tired of calling him Mike, its Sonny and his presence gave Mike and Phyllis an odd vibe, but scared Nina to death.

Girl, you had a gun behind the bar, but failed to react the way you should have reacted and it resulted in Peter gaining massive leverage. He threatened Nina to help him find Louise or else he threatened the life of James, Maxie’s son and made it clear he would expose Nina knowing about Sonny being alive and staying mum to Carly. Yeah, Nina you should have thought about that before this big ruse because when the truth comes out, which it will you can forget ever seeing Wiley again, not to mention I’m not sure how many people in Port Charles will feel about your presence.

If anything you better believe that Carly will be out for blood and she will get her revenge. Nina petrified with the threats, alerted her aunt Liesl about Peter’s whereabouts and Liesl who has been wanting to get her revenge on Peter for framing her implemented a master plan to take out Peter. Yeah, I thought Peter being alive was going to be dragged out till November Sweeps, but something tells me Peter is about to really meet his maker before Carly and Jason’s upcoming September wedding, which I sense will be the staple ground for Sonny to finally arrive back in Port Charles and stunning everyone.

Complicating matters is the fact that Jason and Carly are ready to give into their feelings for one another. The sparks have ALWAYS been there, but neither pal ever acted on them. Well, the kiss was just mere inches from happening, but Carly pulled away before making a mistake that she would regret. I am intrigued by this America, I am intrigued.

We can finally put the Michael, Willow and Chase love triangle behind us because Chase confronted the two and everything was exposed, but not before Austin got his hands on Edward’s thoughts on his will. So all this maneuvering and masterminding from Austin was to get his hands on a document to simply try to get his cut of the Quartermaine will? What an absolute bust of a storyline people. I had hopes for so much more, shouldn’t have expected more people, but with Valentin in the mix things could get fun, too bad he’ll be truly blindsided when the truth about Bailey aka Louise comes out.

Let us chat about another very interesting development, Spencer seemed to be outed as the culprit in Ava’s stalker case, but then it was revealed it was not him, only for the audience to discover his girlfriend Esme was in on Spencer’s tactics. So yes, Spencer is still responsible for the threatening messages being sent to Ava. I mean Esme you torched Ava’s car, that is not scaring someone that is a clear message and digging up Kiki’s badge? I mean Ava was a little shook before, but this could push her to want blood.

My concern is Harmony is still playing communicator for Ryan Chamberlain, who was intrigued by Esme, who was also intrigued with him. Looks like Esme plans to use Ryan to continue Spencer’s bidding, realizing that Spencer might be developing strong feelings for Trina. Yeah, as Harmony noted to Alexis, Esme is trouble and Spencer should steer clear of her. I can already see it now, Esme is going to tempt Ryan, and she will do his bidding against Ava and Nikolas before Ryan gets his ability to speak and move back.

Spencer will be exposed as the stalker, but it’ll culminate with Ryan issuing the actual threats where bodies start to drop including Esme first before a host of others depending on what the writers plan to clip and I think we might see some significant deaths in the coming weeks if another murder mystery is underway people. However the biggest stunner of the week was the connection between Drew’s disappearance and Crichton Clark.

Remember that name it was the place that Victor Cassadine was holding Jason Morgan and Drew initially. It was also the place were Nina was while in a coma. So Drew’s current situation seems to point to the fact that perhaps a Cassadine is behind his captivity and with Liesl and Scott’s plane going down something is fishy people, but “GH” you have me hooked in a big way.