HOLLYWOOD—Look, I said this before Eric Brady even returned to town, the writers appeared to be pointing their fingers at a Rafe and Nicole pairing, but that didn’t happen as they transitioned to pairing Rafe with Ava which I never understood. Looks like relationship woes are a big focus at the moment on the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives.” I mean who would have expected mob princess Ava Vitali to have such a rage of jealously between friends Nicole and Rafe.

They’re dating, but then came the bomb involving Nicole and Eric, and as a result, Nicole’s world blew apart, Rafe heard about it and became a shoulder for his bestie to lean on. Ava didn’t like seeing that not one bit, and with Gabi egging on Nicole and Rafe’s burgeoning relationship it only annoyed Ava more. Even Steve talking to his former foe didn’t quell her worries, so it looks like the reformed villain is about to resort back to her old ways, but the question to remain is rather she will target Nicole, Rafe or Gabi?

Speaking of Gabi, her plan with Jake to take down Titan and Philip along in the process is fully underway. Kate has tried to warn her son not to trust Jake, by extension of Gabi as well has fallen on deaf ears for now. Why? Philip is more concerned about Brady making moves on his gal pal Chloe. Look, Philip and Chloe were cute back in the day, but we’re not revisiting the past we’re in the present and Brady is the go to guy that needs to be in her corner people. I mean Philip is so angry he has threatened to kill Brady if he makes a move on Chloe. Really Phillip, really?

Gwen and Xander took their relationship to the next level after he sacrificed himself thanks to her dirty dealings with Dr. Snyder. Xander was arrested, but good ole EJ DiMera delivered a proposition that Xander couldn’t pass up: give me my money Sami gave you back and I’ll get you out of jail. Heck, EJ even threw in a job for Xander. This guy does the wickedest things, yet he falls on his feet every single time. America please make it make sense to me because I cannot understand things one single bit people, not a single bit.

All might seem good for Gwen now, but I sense a hurricane is coming her way in the name of Abigail. Remember Gwen lied about losing her baby and Snyder knew that detail. Abigail is headed back to Salem people real soon, so expect this story to kick into to full fear and to get exposed a lot sooner than expected. Oh, I cannot wait for Gwen to receive her comeuppance and Jack to be exposed as the fool he is for not suspecting his newly minted long lost daughter could be so devious.

Paulina is inserting herself well back into the lives of Lani and Abe, even though that whopper of a secret: Lani is HER daughter still lingers. Olivia has warned Paulina she is playing with major fire with Abe and Lani. Abe is going to be devastated to learn Lani is not his daughter, while Lani is going to be livid to learn her aunt has lied in such a major way yet again. It’s going to be a devastating blow to say the least.

Tripp and Allie are getting closer, he dropped the ‘L-Word,’ but she was not ready to say it back. While this is happening, Chanel has become chummy with Johnny DiMera, little does Chanel know that Johnny is Allie’s brother. Yeah, talk about a complicated foursome. Johnny likes Chanel, Chanel likes Johnny, but her heart is still lingering for Allie. Allie is with Tripp, but her heart longs for Chanel. So imagine the shock and surprise when Allie learned her brother is getting to know Chanel the woman who has been on her mind for months now. Yeah, I don’t see how things will end well here people because jealously has made its presence known in Allie’s eyes.

Few other tidbits, Ben and Ciara are still living in wedding bliss. Good, great for them, now send them on a vacation for a period of time so we can focus on some other characters. There is talk of the couple having a baby, but Ben is apprehensive of passing those dangerous genes. Ben is a killer that is a fact it cannot be changed people.

Bonnie and Justin are preparing for their upcoming wedding, but Bonnie’s sister-in-law Calista has made her presence in Salem known and she wants the money Bonnie owes her from stealing from her hubby Harrison. Looks like Bonnie has a few secrets she hopes Justin doesn’t learn about “Days of Our Lives” fans and she is getting her hands tied up with Xander of all people by stealing a million dollars he got from EJ. Hmm, this could be fun people.