WEST HOLLYWOOD— The Planned Parenthood West Hollywood Health Center located on 825 N. San Vicente Blvd. is relocating.

A “for lease” sign is posted on the building north of Santa Monica Boulevard. This location opened in June of 2015, it is one of the 21 health centers in Los Angeles. There are an additional 9 Wellbeing Center clinics open on LAUSD high school campuses.

Planned Parenthood offers services like gynecological exams, cervical cancer screenings, breast examinations, STD testing and treatment, birth control, emergency contraception, hormone therapy, abortion, infertility services, counseling and education, and general health care. The West Hollywood facility offered medications aimed at lowering HIV infections, a service of special importance to West Hollywood’s prominent LGBTQ+ community.

Canyon News spoke to Planned Parenthood Los Angeles’ Vice President of Communications and Marketing, Jacki Schechner. Schechner confirmed that the West Hollywood health center will be relocating later this year. The new location will also be in West Hollywood, but the exact location has not been specified.

When asked whether this decision had anything to do with protesters who would hold anti-abortion signs outside the building, Schechner said, “No, the relocation does not have anything to do with protests.”