HOLLYWOOD—I had to seriously think about if there was even enough content to do a recap this week on the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless.” Why? I’m just bored; there is nothing of massive substance taking place on the soap opera. I guess I will start with the story that had the most promise and seems it has run its course: the Amanda, Naya and Sutton tale. Amanda and Imani got their mother to recant her admission after using Victor Newman to trap their grandfather.

Yes, the wicked Victor got Sutton to admit he played a role in Richard’s death (that is Amanda and Hilary’s father by the way people), and Amanda got it all on tape. Naya was still hesitant to go toe-to-toe with her father, which makes me wonder that dear ole dad might have a sinister secret that Naya doesn’t want to come to light. Could we be looking at the possibility that Richard is actually alive? That would indeed be a twist that no one would see coming people.

The spark is there between Imani and Nate, even though he is supposedly with Elena. I mean Amanda warned her sister, but that hasn’t stopped her from flirting with Nate and catching Elena’s eye in the process. This would be another wheel added to the ever changing dynamics involving Elena, Devon, Amanda and Nate. We’ll see where this goes because it does feel as if Nate is over Elena and looking for something fresh.

Victoria Newman, the power player she is made a move that shook at lot of people when she asked Ashland Locke to move in with her. I like this relationship people, two power players in a major relationship delivering a blow to those in their orbit is so much fun. With that said, Nikki was not happy with the news, neither was Billy. Hmm, sounds like Billy has a touch of the jealously bug. You cannot get mad that your ex-wife has officially moved on from you buddy.

All this madness, while Billy and Phyllis work together to take down Sally and Tara. Yes, Phyllis and Billy know these two aligned to push Summer out of town and for Tara to make her move on Kyle. Here’s the problem: they need the proof. Tara is a damn good actress putting on the waterworks pointing the finger at Phyllis accusing her of things, just as Jack entered the Abbott palace. Yeah, I don’t want to say Jack is gullible, but he is people. Like I said, the truth about Sally and Tara’s partnership is likely to come out, which usher’s Kyle’s exit from the soap and likely the end of Sally Spectra and Tara Locke as well. I have no clue how the writers will reform Sally after this, it just seems like the writing might be on the wall people.

Phyllis is seething mad and we all know when this woman feels wronged or the people closest to her are in danger she strikes like a dagger and she staged a coup with Sally and Tara in an elevator as evidence and it just needs that definitive confirmation the women conspired to send her daughter out of town. With Victor and Nikki visiting Summer in Italy, I’m starting to wonder if Summer and her portrayer Hunter King actually left the soap as it has been reported.

With that said, the tale I teased weeks ago is coming to light involving the sudden disappearance of Mariah. Yes, Mariah has disappeared and as I pointed out I know who the culprit is. This week the audience got confirmation that Mariah is indeed being held against her will as viewers saw it in the flesh. Are you wondering who that guilty party is? I’ll tell you its likely Stitch aka Ben.

I mean look at all the signs: he has been sneaking around the Chancellor Estate, he is suddenly back in Abby’s orbit, he is taking a job in GC and he’s teased his son’s condition not improving. It’s so obvious Stitch wants something from Abby’s baby for his ailing son. So I will NOT be surprised in the least bit when the truth comes out. If anything, I will say, I told you so.

Do we even need to discuss the Adam and Sharon dalliance? C’mon it is so apparent that the writers are pushing a Sharon and Adam reunion at some point. Yes, Rey and Sharon were nice for a moment, but there is no story for those characters right now. Adam and Chelsea are officially over and I’m so glad to see it. Chelsea deserves so much better, you know what would shake this love triangle even more: the return of Dylan McAvoy!