HOLLYWOOD—We are only 3 episodes away from the series finale of “Pretty Little Liars” people, so soak it in. This week’s episode, ‘Driving Miss Crazy,’ kicked off with Aria and Ezra enjoying a bit of dancing. It was apparent that A.D. is totally getting underneath Aria’s skin. This time the foe wanted Aria to deliver a ‘gift’ to Spencer and her family. Hanna received a visit from Detective Fury, who inquired about the ‘flood’ that destroyed evidence that he was hoping to utilize in his investigation. Detective Fury is not a nice guy anymore people!

Hanna started to flip out, just as questions rose about why Aria has yet to have a turn at the game. Mona made it clear that she was part of the ‘game’ rather the liars wanted her to be or not. Well, well, long time no see; Ashley Marin is back in Rosewood. To be honest I can’t recall the last time I saw this woman. Ashley warned Caleb about putting her daughter in any possible danger. Aria brought dinner for Spencer and her parents, and a little gift courtesy of A.D. to cause a bit of chaos.

A recording between Mary Drake and Peter about Jessica’s death, left Peter in a rage, and Veronica and Spencer questioning their loved one. Spencer begged her mother not to call the police, just as Emily and Mona started to decipher the game. God, I love that Mona people! The ladies posed as a couple, as Mona got the goods on the doctor who performed Alison’s procedure, and when the doctor heard Ali’s name it raised a huge flag, and Mona started her investigation.

Spencer discovered A.D.’s phone in the box with the recording of the conversation between her father and Mary Drake. Spencer alerted Aria that she found the phone that caused a major rift in her family, just as Aria asked her pal to not discuss the game with her parents. Ezra did his best to brighten Aria’s spirit, but this woman is as cold as ice the past few weeks. Detective Fury decided to poke at Spencer’s relationship with Caleb, but it did not get underneath her skin in the least. Go SPENCER! Our brainy little liar was stunned to find Mary Drake in the back seat of her car and they took a trip to the Lost Woods Resort. I swear this place has played a role in every single season of the show.

A flashback sequence revealed a conversation that Peter and Mary had about Spencer, and the situation got worse, when Jessica arrived. Details surfaced where we got more history behind the love triangle involving Jessica, Peter and Mary. Hanna was ecstatic to see her mom in town, and had to lie when Ashley eavesdropped on her conversation about Lucas’ car being detailed. Caleb poured his heart out to Hanna and proposed marriage! Wow, Haleb is getting married people.

That dream sequence of Aria getting married to Ezra in jail was a hoot to watch; it’s apparent that Aria is on the verge of cracking, but A.D. wanted to reward her for all her deeds, as she searched furiously for the document, but instead found a puzzle piece, and guess who was watching: Mona! This goes back to my theory from last week, Mona might be A.D. people! It is quite brilliant if you truly think about it.

Mona and Emily blackmailed the doctor who performed Ali’s procedure and the ladies were able to get a donor ID number. Spencer and Veronica confronted Peter about his duplicity, and more chaos emerged with Veronica being forced to vacate her senate seat because of her husband’s actions. Spencer decided to take Mary up on her offer, but she revealed she wasn’t ready to turn her back on Rosewood just yet. Mary showed a bit of compassion, and it was nice to see an estranged mother and daughter bond.

During the final moments of the episode, Aria added another piece to the puzzle and received that document that she had been seeking for weeks to protect Ezra. Mona seemed to be up to no good as Emily delivered a phone hoping her ‘ally’ could crack the code. It became apparent just as I suspect Mona was up to no good, she had tons of information on the liars and the residents of Rosewood on a chart board, not to mention a sketch of A.D’s board game and those shovels that Hanna and the liars have been looking for.

Oh Mona, I should have expected this weeks ago. However, with things being so obvious, she can’t be A.D., but he might be working for them or the enemy has information that is forcing Mona to align with them. Only three more episodes before the truth is finally unveiled. Until next Tuesday “PLL” fanatics!