HOLLYWOOD—The liars appear to be fully embracing A.D. and his board game that is delivering not only clues about the culprit, but the level of insanity the liars are willing to endure to get answers on “Pretty Little Liars.” This week’s episode, ‘Hold Your Piece,’ saw Hanna get a chance to play the game. The episode opened with Spencer being tortured by the sounds of a crying baby from that nifty little phone that A.D. included with the ‘game.’

Hanna got a bit of publicity from her fashion designs, but all publicity is not good publicity, as accusations of the design being stolen put a hamper on the celebration. Hanna suspected A.D. leaked the details, but Caleb and Aria were determined to nail Sydney for helping their enemy, Jenna. The impact of Nicole’s return to Ezra’s life is indeed impacting Aria’s psyche.

The flirtation continued between Marco and Spencer, just as Hanna discovered A.D.’s game involves a mannequin that looked like Hanna, but the face of our liar sewed together. Hanna could no longer hide the truth from Caleb, and divulged details about A.D.’s latest game. Spencer and Marco had a date that involved volunteering and a bit of ping pong and the duo shared a bit about their lives.

Such a tender moment to see Yvonne and Toby share a great moment, as her recovery seems on the upwards. What? Lucas is back in the mix! Hanna’s former BFF shared a bit of detail on ways that she could enhance her biz opportunities. When he attempted to get a look at her mannequin, she pulled all the stops to halt her ally. Hmm, I think Lucas’ presence is more important than just a coincidence people.

Aria and Emily did a bit of poking into the background of Sydney aka Jenna’s enemy. Caleb decided to try to poke at A.D.’s board game, but little did he know the danger he was putting himself into. Hanna discovered that A.D. wanted her to cut the appendix on the mannequin, which gushed with blood. She pulled out an envelope with a piece of clothing that A.D. wanted her to wear. Aria and Spencer were determined to get as much detail as possible on Sydney and her connection to Jenna.

Looks like A.D. is totally raising the stakes, but this time he or she is looking to take more from Hanna instead of giving. Sydney was concerned about the authorities coming after her because of her involvement with Jenna. Hmm, is this an act, or is Sydney quite sincere, seems like a lie thanks to Caleb’s hacking abilities. The liars listened to Sydney, as it was apparent A.D. was paying Jenna off with a new sight of eyes. Someone was texting Sydney, but unfortunately, the liars had no idea who that mystery person was.

Spencer learned that Marco wasn’t always the good looking detective that he is today. She learned his childhood was full of obstacles. Finally, someone put perspective into play for Spencer informing her not to shut out Veronica in an attempt to get closer to Mary Drake. Love is in the air. Spencer and Marco shared a kiss that was not full of alcohol, just as Toby and Yvonne decided to get married in the hospital.

Sydney was accustomed by Aria and Spencer about her deception, but didn’t seem to get much, but they put a GPS tracking device in her bad. Aria and Emily make a good team, but Hanna fretted over the possibly of her fashion career going down the drain. Spencer was not happy to discover that Caleb knew about A.D.’s latest ‘game,’ but as he poked he found himself poisoned from messing with the game.

Hanna played coy with Lucas as they prepared for their big meeting, but it seems Caleb toying with the game may have saved her. Why, it allowed her an out from that investor meeting. But one has to wonder if that was the intent of A.D. all along? It looks like A.D. utilized a neurotoxin on Caleb.

No, “PLL” can’t be doing this! Just as Toby and Yvonne relished in their newfound happiness, it looks like Yvonne’s health took a turn for the worse and she died! Why, why, why, why can’t Toby just be happy people? Hanna received a text from A.D. making it clear she lost her turn in the game, but Hanna brought up a great point, that it seems her stakes were much higher. Spencer paid Toby a visit and learned devastating news, and Spoby reunited, but the question is for how long?

Emily decided to track Sydney, but Aria got the surprise of a lifetime at home while leaving a message for Ezra with a potential update on wedding details. Her world was turned upside down as she came face-to-face with Nicole. The final moments of the episode saw Marco opening a piece of evidence delivered to the Rosewood Police Department of a person’s FINGER! Ok, things are definitely turning twisted people. I’m dying for next week’s episode because we’re going to FINALLY find out who killed Jessica DiLaurentis! My money is on Peter Hastings people! Until next Tuesday “PLL” fanatics!