SHERMAN OAKS—Los Angeles Police Department officers have urged residents to keep a watchful eye on their neighborhood as two burglaries, one successful where cash was taken and rooms ransacked, the other failed thanks to an alarm sounding, took place on Wednesday, January 11.  Officers have yet to locate any suspects from the burglaries so far.

According to an LAPD community alert from Senior Lead Officer Ron Carter of the LAPD Van Nuys station (which covers Sherman Oaks), the first burglary took place in the 14900 block of Jadestone Drive between the hours of 12:30pm and 1pm.  Suspects entered the residence by smashing in the laundry room door and then proceeding to ransack rooms in the house.  During this time, the suspects located cash which was being kept in a closet.  Occupants of the home returned not long after the burglary but reported they didn’t see any suspects.  The residents opted to wait for police to arrive before entering their home.  LAPD added the homeowners were “wise” to wait for officers as there is always a chance with home break-ins that the suspect (s) could still be inside the residence.

The second burglary took place in the evening between 8:30pm and 9:00pm on the 14200 block of Valley Vista Boulevard.  This one was thwarted when the home’s alarm system went off, scaring off the suspect (s) who climbed over a front yard fence and fled the scene.  Although there was damage to the rear window and alarm box, no property was reported to be missing.

Police believe that with these small windows of opportunity, the burglars may have been in the area looking for residents who were leaving their homes.  They encourage residents to be aware of any strange vehicles in their neighborhood and to contact them if the vehicles in question do not belong in their areas.

Anyone who may have seen any person or persons in the area around the time of these two burglaries is urged to contact the Van Nuys Detectives at or

To protect residents, the LAPD is conducting dedicated patrols in the area, under-cover officers are conducting surveillance and Air-Ships (Helicopters) are checking the areas from above when available. The best resource, though, is the neighborhood watch and the “Eyes and Ears” of residents and their neighbors. Police ask homeowners to remain vigilant in their efforts to watch out for themselves and their neighbors.