UNITED STATES—The year 2015 is slowly coming to an end, which means the chaos for the 2016 Presidential Election is certain to heighten in the coming weeks. By now we’re hitting the third presidential debate for the Republican Party, while the Democrats have only hosted one debate.

I’ve noticed a trend watching the news for the past month. Nearly, every single day there is a political report noting which candidates from the Republican side and the Democratic side are front-runners in the latest poll for Americans. I had to stop and think for a second, “What would be the purpose of announcing such a thing?” It hit me; these news stations must have some sort of political agenda at hand. Isn’t the goal of the news arena to be unbiased?

I mean we’ve known for months that Donald Trump has gotten the attention of most Americans and that’s because he’s blunt; he says what everyone else is thinking, but not always willing to speak it. I hate to say it, but his honesty is quite refreshing at times. I’d love a candidate in The White House who isn’t going to sugarcoat things all the time. Not only is he addressing issues that have raised the concern for many Americans, but he has no trepidation when it comes to pointing out faults in some of his adversaries as well. I mean I don’t think there is a person that he hasn’t taken a jab at.

This week, news reports have surfaced that Ben Carson, who frankly all I know is the African-American candidate in the Republican race is now leading in the polls. I keep asking myself how this could be. This is a candidate who is quite soft spoken and hasn’t really laid out a plan to America that would make me cast my vote for him. If anything I doubt his ability to lead the country more than I doubt Donald Trump’s chances.

So right now it looks like a dogfight between Trump and Carson, but with more than 10 candidates vying for the spot of the Republication nomination anything can change in the next 6-8 months. So what does that mean? Political pundits should halt doing their best to tell America what they think, better yet, what they would like to have happen.

This same sentiment can be echoed on the Democratic side. I predicted years ago that Hillary Clinton would run for the presidency in 2016 and she would be the front-runner in the race. At the moment it’s a back and forth between her and Bernie Sanders, who echoed something that left me screaming: it’s about time!

He addressed the email scandal that everyone knew about, that the media had been talking about for months and frankly said: “people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails.” Thank you Bernie, thank you for getting America back to the issue at hand: Why are you fit to run the country? Frankly, I like both Clinton and Sanders as potential candidates for the most coveted seat in America, but why are political pundits so quick to dismiss other candidates without considering the possibility that things can change on a dime. I mean back in 2007 Hillary was considered a top candidate for the Democratic nomination that is until Illinois Senator Barack Obama came out of nowhere and his momentum to victory was uncanny.

When we have this continual debate of who’s on top, and who’s not, it further reiterates to Americans that this is who they should be CONSIDERING. It does a disservice to the other candidates who might be viable options, but are not receiving the political backing from donors. What is worse are the media outlets that are geared towards pushing a distinct agenda. Let the public decide who to cast the ballot for, stop pushing them in the direction that you want them to be heading, it’s not fair, and it’s biased!