UNITED STATES—I thought in 2008 when Barack Obama became President of the United States was bad, I mean a Democrat was in office and in control of The White House, but it’s apparent the roles have reversed and things are more tense NOW than ever before. I mean Donald Trump is the new President and for the first time in quite some time, the Republicans have control of the executive, legislative and could soon have control of the judicial branch of government.

My biggest concern is not so much with Republicans having control, because even with a majority you still need a 2/3 vote to push through most legislation. In other words, the Republicans need the Democrats and the Democrats need the Republicans. However, it’s unfortunate, these two parties can’t grasp the concept that they are hurting Americans and the nation by not being bipartisan and finding a way to put their ‘issues’ on the backburner and focus on issues that matter.

Unfortunately, the Democrats, as well as the Republicans don’t like to compromise. They live by a motto of it’s either my way or no way at all. This is what frustrates me to the core about politics. Get over yourself; get over your ego and look in the mirror for once. You were ELECTED TO OFFICE BY THE PEOPLE. Do you know what that means?

Your goal is NOT to push your agenda, but to ensure you are looking out for the wellbeing of the people who voted for you, as well as the people who did not vote for you. That is the problem with most politicians, they forget who they work for, and they begin playing the ‘pay for play’ tactics that are just annoying to the everyday American citizen.

I mean I have serious concerns that we’re going to play a tic-for-tac game for the next 4 years, where the Republicans refuse to address any issues the Democrats have and vice versa. This does not have vital impacts on either party; it impacts the American citizen. I mean it impacts those who are wondering how to keep a roof over their head, how to keep food in their children’s mouths, doing all in their power to afford the best education, keeping taxes to a low threshold, issues of safety, crime, tobacco use and so many other things.

Are you hearing what I’m saying politicians? The games that you guys are currently playing does not benefit either party. Cause you can be in control one minute and then in the next minute that control is snatched away so quickly you have no clue as to what has transpired. We need to hold are elected representatives, senators and ANYONE holding public office to a higher standard. I mean seriously my niece who is a toddler has more sense than these childish, immature people who are public officials.

For the sake of America, I am keeping my fingers crossed that the Republican Party and the Democratic Party can come to some sort of compromise so that the world is not wondering why the politicians in America can’t understand the importance of compromise when it comes to serving the people who elected them into office.