UNITED STATES—I wish I could answer the question as to why people think a poll is accurate. It seems year after year when elections come around the pollsters come out and they start to throw out numbers and people eat it up as fact and truth. I’m going to say something that is probably going to upset some people, but oh, well, polling is a prediction it is NOT A FACT! The numbers you hear from pollsters is information they have gathered that people have given them, but just because it has been stated does not mean it is all true.

Why? People lie America. People say at times what others want to hear, and people just say what’s on their mind at the current time. When it comes time to cast that ballot people change their minds, they might go reflect on where things are currently compared to what they said a month or two ago. You cannot take a poll to be 100 percent accurate because it is not a lot of the time, a poll can be inaccurate and people ignore that.

Just because the numbers from a poll says one thing, that does NOT mean you will see the same result after the ACTUAL BALLOTS are counted for one candidate over another or in favor of one proposal over another proposal. People see polling numbers and say, “Oh, my candidate is going to win, there is no need for me to vote.” This boils my blood. Stop being lazy, get off your ass and get out there and vote. These tend to be the same people who complain when things in the country are not going their way, but these are the same people who did not vote.

There were so many people in this country that did NOT have the right to vote for decades. I mean for the longest period of time only White men could cast a ballot to vote which would explain why you saw the same faces in politics for decades. Then as people fought more and more for that right, women got the right to let their voices heard and then African-Americans and other races, because you didn’t have the right to vote that should give you even more incentive to cast a vote all the time without any hesitation. You ancestors like mine were beaten, flogged, sprayed with fire hoses and attacked by dogs because they tried to vote.

They endured things that I didn’t have to so I’d have the opportunity to let my voice be heard. By not voting because I think polling is accurate it is a slap in the face to those individuals. So tell what is your excuse to note vote? Unless you’re on your death bed and near death you have no excuse you should vote. Don’t listen to the polling numbers on TV, what the pollster who is considered an expert in the field has stated.

At the end of the day polling numbers are just that numbers, it’s NOT concrete evidence of what people are going to do because as human being we can change our minds with the snap of a finger. It happens more often than people realize. Don’t rely on a poll to determine your future, put your fate in your own hands.

Written By Peter Sanders