HOLLYWOOD—Whew, there is a ton of drama unfolding on “The Young and the Restless” right now. At the core, it has to be the issue involving the Chancellor-Winter IPO launch. Nate was all in on Victoria’s plan to utilize a takeover of Katherine and Neil’s company, without Devon, Lily and Billy having any idea. Elena was conflicted about knowing this secret, but not sharing it with Devon and Elena.

Elena was not happy with Nate so much to the point it literally caused the end of their relationship. However, it did not end the way the audience expected. Elena showed up at Chancellor-Winters wanting to talk to Nate, who suspected she was about to spill, so Nate pulled the trigger and it was explosive. Some great acting on all fronts, but Lily, Devon and Billy were livid people. I mean livid, they couldn’t understand Nate’s betrayal and the fact that he was leaking information.

As a result, Nate got the boot, but I still have no idea why Devon, Lily and Billy didn’t press Nate to reveal the other CEO who he had been leaking information to. Audra was looking guilty as charged, as she thought her and Tucker’s secret was about to be exposed. For those in the dark, Tucker has been working behind the scenes to take over Chancellor-Winters once the IPO launches. So not only is Audra a double agent, but Tucker is secretly lying to his son about not having a role in trying to take over his company.

Tucker, if you’re trying to build relations with your only son, this is NOT the way to do it people. Nate is in a pretty bad position now, he has no job, he is estranged from his blood family and Elena has left him. Elena has darted off to Baltimore for a hospital gig, so this might be the last of the character audiences see for a while people. Devon confronted Tucker who lied directly to his face, but the chaos is only beginning people because Jill Abbott will be making her way to Genoa City and you better believe she is going to get to the bottom of WHO has been trying to steal her company from underneath her wings people.

Audra and Tucker have to play smart, because Tucker is certain Victoria is the CEO who is trying to get her hands on Chancellor-Winters as a way to make a right that Katherine promised her father. The question is rather Tucker plans to use that information to his advantage because he’s spot on with his assertion. Tucker is busy trying to woo Ashley who wants nothing to do with him, but realizes Tucker’s ‘love’ for her could be her angle to get the details on Diane Jenkins when she was in Los Angeles people.

Yes, Diana is fretting a bit because she knows that Nikki, Phyllis, Ashley and plenty of others are getting closer to exposing the truth. Even Jack knows courtesy of Ashley that Tucker and Diane may have been linked while she was hiding out in Los Angeles. Jack seems poised right in Diane’s corner because he is afraid the truth coming out will hurt Kyle. Jack, the truth hurts and if Diane is hiding secrets they need to come to light people.

Ugh, I am so got damn tired of Victoria Newman. This woman has a crazy complex and thinks she is so damn smarter than everyone else. So much to the point, she just annoys my blood to the core. That conversation with Elena said it all people, which made me think, oh, I wish someone would give Victoria a taste of her own medicine people. She has not had her comeuppance after all the mayhem she caused as a direct result of Ashland Locke people. It is time for Victoria Newman to take a fall people, one that changes everything as we know it, now she plans to utilize Nate, who has just as little business experience as Sally and toss her to the curb. Yeah, Nick and Adam are not going to be happy about this people.

There is plenty of relationship drama as Nick, Sally and Adam dance around a love triangle that is quite conflicted to say the least. Sally and Nick are hot and heavy at the moment, but I will admit Adam and Sally have stronger chemistry and it almost feels like they are destined to be together. Adam is pulling out all the stops to fight for what he considers the new love in his life. However, the issue is more about jealously it seems, Nick wants to stick it to Adam and Adam wants to stick it to Nick people, even if he says otherwise.

Chelsea is still trying to bond with Johnny, but in the process she is upsetting Billy and you cannot help, but feel for Chelsea. I mean that is her biological son and for Victoria and Billy to expect her to completely sever ties they are crazy. Chelsea has a right to bond with her child, not pushing the child may not be the best approach, but the door should be open for that relationship to flourish if Johnny wants it. In other, GC news, Audra Charles is looking to be a thorn in Noah and Allie’s relationship.

Why is that? Audra is Noah’s ex from London and she is trying to assert herself into the relationship. Allie is annoyed, Noah is concerned, but Mariah wants to toss the lady out of GC and I love Mariah for that. She is indeed a very protective sister people and I think Mariah might be the one to stumble upon exactly what Audra is up to with Tucker. Someone else who suspects Audra is Nikki Newman. FYI Audra, Nikki and the Newman clan in general is NOT one to play around with.