HOLLYWOOD—The drama is NOT stopping at all on “Power Book II: Ghost.” If you thought last week was chaotic, you haven’t seen nothing yet! This week’s episode, ‘Deal or No Deal’ witnessed Monet realizing that Gordo could spill the truth to Dru about Lorenzo’s death.  She issued a threat, and he threw one back, just as the war with the Russians was in full-force creating plenty of casualties.

Tariq was still busy working to convince Lauren to trust him and I was over it. It was fantastic to see Lauren toss a bit of truth in Tariq’s face about how his actions have consequences. Lauren open your eyes; Tariq is no good for you, not a single bit. Brayden was really hurting about the rift in his relationship with Tariq, just as Kiki confronted Brayden about running drugs thru Weston Holdings. FYI, a big bomb was dropped at the end of the episode that is indeed a game changer.

Monet tried to push Tariq to go out of his funk of a mood about Lauren, but she learned the feds are investigating him. Davis and Saxe continued their push to get Davis’ brother out of prison, but a Q/A proved otherwise. Davis was convinced per Tariq that there is more to Lauren’s ‘death’ than meets the eye. Gordo was facing a bit of heat regarding his relationship with Dru and the war with the Russians. Saxe was still bitter about Jenny lying to him about Lauren, but swore if she dropped another bomb on him, he would strike in a way that she would regret it. Guess what: I believe Saxe people.

Monet was planning to make a move utilizing ally Kai, but Dru was not happy with the flirting. Diana and Salim’s relationship immediately went from great to toxic, as he planned to blackmail her about the drugs that she was selling at the candy store on the campus. However, she got her revenge, but exposing his past; one that he thought no one would ever discover and it looks like Diana has won for now.

The tension between Effie and Tariq is growing and something tells me before the season culminates something bad is going to happen. Effie realized there were cameras on the roof where they were stashing drugs and she alerted Cane about the situation. All this was happening, as Brayden decided to examine the books at his family business much to his chagrin he discovered a massive secret people.

The Russians had their drugs seized by the feds as a result of Rashad Tate getting a tip from Tariq. Gosh, Tate is so smarmy it isn’t funny. As a politician, he makes you cringe. Saxe, Jenny and their new ally connecting the dots that Tariq might be working with Tate. As I predicted, the relationship between Effie and Cane is growing and that is going to be dangerous for Tariq as we near the finale.

Diana dropped the bomb about Salim aka Quentin lying about his true parentage and the lies that he has been telling. Monet and Cane put their plan into play to frame Kai who nearly killed Monet for trying to set him up with the Russians. Lucky, here Cane put a bullet into his head. Monet is quite dirty to say the least and will go to extreme lengths to ensure her business and her family is protected at all costs. Monet framed Gordo in perfect fashion using her phone and planting it on Kai to lure him into a trap using Cane and Dru.

Effie learned her tuition had been handled courtesy of Cane and while she refused at first, she is starting to realize this guy has her best interest at play. To seal a truce with the Russians, Monet delivered Kai’s severed head in a cooler. Davis made the moves to get his brother out of prison, but it resulted in his brother being displeased with his actions.

Blanca and Jenny congratulated their new ally who discovered drugs in one of those coffee cups, just as Effie was fingered as being spotted on that rooftop. Blanca was pleased to learn that Lauren is very much alive and she spilled the feds are ready to move on the case. Effie informed Cane that there are cameras on the rooftop. After sleeping with Gordo, Dru texted that phone number and connected the dots that his lover was responsible for murdering his father. In a fit of rage and betrayal, Dru fatally shot Gordo while he was in the shower, just as Cane stumbled upon the scene.

Yeah, I expected the truth about Gordo to come out a bit later in the season, however, Monet is protected for now, but when the truth about her role in Lorenzo’s death comes to light it is going to change everything, and I mean everything.

Brayden realized that his family company is a massive Ponzi scheme and confronted Kiki before confronting Uncle Lucas. Lucas spilled the company is indeed running a scheme and Kiki is involved in it. Yup, Brayden has just been played like a fool by his Uncle Lucas and Kiki from the beginning. Brayden is being blackmailed to stay quiet, as leverage about his drug peddling was exposed as well. You have to feel sorry for Brayden because he wanted to do the right thing, and it turned out to bite him in the butt.

The fact that Tariq was able to bribe a DEA agent with that small amount of money for his badge and hat to make a ploy to speak with Tariq was just bad writing. Most DEA agents would check the bathroom before allowing a witness to go in. Tariq recorded Effie confessing to killing Lauren, which scored some points with Lauren.

She spilled to Tariq that a RICO case is being built against him and the Tejeda clan, just as Tariq learned that Saxe was working with the feds and is a mole. Duh Tariq, you just figured it out. Dru, Cane, Diana and Monet was enjoying a family dinner and celebrating all being good, but that was until Jenny and Blanca bust in and arrested Diana for distributing drugs. Yeah, Diana was scared to the core, as Monet, Cane and Dru realized things are not looking good. Three more episodes left for the season, I cannot wait till next week “Ghost” fans!