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“Power” Recap: ‘No One Can Stop Me’

HOLLYWOOD—This was a fun mid-season finale for the Starz series “Power.” I really wish the series wasn’t doing this and would just give the...

“Power” Recap: ‘Scorched Earth’

HOLLYWOOD—Being deprived of a guilty pleasure is never a good thing, which is how I felt waiting for the next episode of the Starz...

“Power” Recap: ‘Deal With The Devil’

HOLLYWOOD—Tasha planned to teach Tariq the game, in hopes of ensuring she doesn’t lose another son on “Power.” I think Tasha is traveling down...

“Power” Recap: ‘King’s Gambit’

HOLLYWOOD—Last week I made a bold prediction for the near future on the Starz series “Power.” Well, that prediction came true in this week’s...

“Power” Recap: ‘Why Is Tommy Still Alive?’

HOLLYWOOD—This was a great episode, where the audience learned even more about the risks characters are willing to take to get ahead. This latest...

“Power” Season Premiere Recap: ‘Murderers’

HOLLYWOOD—It is the last season of the hit Starz series, “Power,” which I have been eagerly waiting for. I mean this series is so...
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