HOLLYWOOD—Talk about a game changing season finale, because that is what “Power Book II: Ghost” gave to its fans. MAJOR SPOILER ALERT: If you have not watched the episode yet, stop reading right now for your own safety. This week’s episode, ‘Divided We Stand’ witnessed Tariq on the hunt to find out what transpired with Tasha and Tommy after he was knocked in the head and hospitalized.

Effie started to realize being in jail was no cakewalk, just as Lauren contemplated her next move. Monet, with her family against her made a ballsy move by requesting a meeting with Noma. She wanted to take over the drug operation with Noma’s blessing. Looks like Diana, Cane and Dru are still under Monet’s wing. Noma made it clear that deception will not be tolerated as she slashed Obi against the face. Dude, I would have slapped her silly.

Tariq, just thinks he’s unstoppable, and decided to go looking for Tasha and Tommy himself by visiting Tommy’s mother. Gosh, this disrespectful little brat, I just want to see him get one good beating to knock him down a peg or two. Tommy’s mother revealed that Monet stopped by her house and delivered her a letter with information about Tasha’s whereabouts.

Blanca, Jenny and the rest of the FBI were working to get Effie to cave under pressure to ensure they could make their RICO case solid, which involved Lauren. No one and I mean no one was happy that Monet was the new boss, as she threatened Tariq with a gun to prevent Effie from chatting. Obi talked Tariq off the edge, as it seems he has bigger plans in play.

Tommy confronted Tariq about Tasha’s whereabouts. Oh, this whole, Tasha and Tommy making amends was NOT SATISFYING at all. I’m sorry, I want to see Tommy get his pound of flesh for all the dirt that Tasha did. I just didn’t buy the writing here people. Tommy tried to inflict a bit of knowledge to stubborn Tariq who refuses to listen. Either by a civilian or a gangster, you cannot be both. Tommy knows best Tariq listen to his words of wisdom.

Tate got some good news at his campaign office, as Harper got a surprise with Rashad proposing marriage. Dru and Diana made a plan to take out Monet and Cane. Yeah, those two are livid. Back at the Weston home, they received a visit from Cane and Monet who wanted to collect on a debt. Mary J. Blige’s acting is so stoic; it just doesn’t work for me on this show, it doesn’t exude confidence for me. Richard was not happy with Brayden who refuses to accept he’s not the gangster he thinks he is.

Effie had a little tussle behind bars courtesy of Monet who was sending a threat. Tariq spilled to Davis that Tate spilled to the SEC about Weston Holdings, which he planned to use as leverage. Davis was afraid that Effie could snitch and bring them all down. Lauren became a threat as well, so a plan was manifested to get Lauren to not testify by placing her family in danger. Effie was not pleased to see Tariq, but he shared information that could help get her out. He asked for the picture of Noma’s daughter as leverage. Effie located Noma’s daughter, but refused to speak without being bounced from prison first.

Tariq, Cane and Brayden came up with a plan to threaten Lauren’s parents to get her to recant her statement to get Effie out of prison. Lauren just doesn’t understand the importance of not associating with criminals like Tariq. Lauren met Tariq, but was confronted by Brayden and Cane who showed her photos of her parents being held at gunpoint. Lauren was not pleased at all, she finally realized Tariq is the dangerous threat she suspected him to be.

Davis confronted Tate at his campaign party, where Harper overheard what her lover was up to and she decided it was time to cut the cancer out of her life. Rashad was tasked with dropping the charges against Diana Tejeda in exchange for a large donation. Jenny was not happy when she realized that Lauren may have been in touch with Tariq jeopardizing her case.

Lauren and Effie had a long-awaited conversation, where Effie saw Lauren as a threat and her arrogance came to light. Lauren realized all of the players involved are evil and think life will go back to normal if the charges are dropped. During the Grand Jury hearing, Lauren flipped on Jenny and noted that she lied about Effie attempting to kill her. Lauren was pretty convincing under the stand, as Jenny started to unravel realizing that a case she has been working on for months has just been tanked by a tainted witness.

Medina refused to continue with the case, devastating Blanca and Jenny in the process. Tariq tried to contact Lauren who tossed that burner phone in the trash and left town for a new beginning. Effie was released from prison, and she gave Tariq details about Noma’s daughter who is a student at NYU and has no idea about her mother’s dealings.

Tariq no longer trusted Effie and she no longer trusted him. Tariq shared Intel with Brayden about Noma’s daughter. He expressed it was time for him to sever ties with his criminal tactics. Tariq you’re getting a taste of reality. Not everyone is going to be as loyal to you as you are to them. Diana paid Tariq a visit to chat about Monet, and developed a plan to take out Monet.

A plan was implemented to take out Monet, but a hiccup transpired. While Monet and Diana were chatting, an unexpected assailant fired shots at Diana and Monet. It was not Tariq people, and Monet was seriously injured as a result. Protecting her daughter, Monet was seriously injured, just as Tariq realized it was Tasha who fired the shots. Oh, talk about a war brewing people.

Tasha totally screwed up Tariq, Dru and Diana’s plan and the fallout is about to be explosive. Diana revealed to Cane that it was Tariq who shot Monet, but the twist is that it was DIANA who posed as Monet and dropped off that letter at Tommy’s mother’s house! Yeah, I did not see that coming at all people. Diana spilled to Dru she has no clue who fired the shots and it looks like these two staged the war that is going to explode NEXT SEASON.

Tasha secretly met with Tariq about him starting a war. Yeah, Tariq is not getting out of this game. She learned Tariq invested his money in Weston Holdings and he lost it. Tasha got clued in on what her son is up to and it was apparent he was in over his end. In another surprise, the audience learned that Junior is Angela’s nephew! I knew that guy was related to the original series in some fashion. Another surprise, Junior receive a letter in the mail from Cooper Saxe that contained a flash drive. What’s on that flash drive? The audience has no idea.

Tariq met with Obi and Noma asking to work alongside her. He pleaded his innocence, just as Cane, Diana and Dru noted that Tariq fired at Monet. He was in a precarious situation. Tariq threated Noma’s daughter, but he failed to realize that Effie double-crossed him and spilled to Noma. Cane was ready to put a bullet into Tariq, but the power went out and Brayden came in guns blazing, getting a few shots to strike Cane and they managed to escape. Brayden and Tariq against, Noma, Cane, Diana, Dru and Effie, not looking good for our anti-hero.

I cannot wait to see what unfolds next. I’m certain a season four of “Power Book II: Ghost” is coming. I just don’t know exactly when.