HOLLYWOOD—This was a fun episode of “Power Book II: Ghost.” I like that a few secrets came out last week, but this week even bigger secrets came out in the episode, ‘Land of Lies.’ Talk about relationships hanging by a thread. The big bomb of the episode occurred within the first 5 minutes with Monet breaking the news to Cane, Dru and Diana that Lorenzo is dead. It was a devastating blow to the kids, but it seemed that Cane took it the hardest, and the acting from Woody McClain was top tier.

Monet is playing with major fire by pitting Dru and Cane against one another to become the lead of the Tejada empire. Tariq has been brewing and I mean brewing after learning Effie has been lying to him for months about Lauren’s demise. News about Lorenzo’s death shook Tariq a bit, as he started to weigh options about really getting out of drug game. Davis and Saxe chatted about news regarding Lorenzo’s death, and Davis poked at the idea that Tariq might be under investigation.

Oh, Lauren are you trying to get yourself killed by sneaking around when everyone thinks you’re dead? Jenny stopped by the property knowing that Lauren was hoping to stay hidden, and convinced her to return to the safe house for her own protection. Lauren soon realized that her family’s safety is tied to her safety and the case the feds are working on. Tariq was setting the stage for a major blindside as he planned to take Effie back to the scene of Lauren’s demise. The audience learned a little bit about Effie’s past, giving us a better understanding of the character. As I sensed at the start of this season, Effie’s time might soon come to an end, that’s means viewers could expect some heartache or betrayal before the season culminates.

Dru’s blood was boiling after discovering that his father was murdered, and he wanted revenge at all costs people. However, the tension between Cane and Monet was more intriguing, he is very perceptive and started to connect the dots that Monet may have put a hit out on Lorenzo. Yeah, Monet, you were not that convincing to the audience or to Cane.

I loved seeing the beat down of Brayden courtesy of Tariq who wanted answers about Lauren’s death. Brayden sang like a canary to save his own ass. However, Brayden didn’t realize he has torched his relationship with Tariq forever. Saxe asked Tate for a favor involving Davis’ brother, but in return, Tate wanted something as he always does, this time, anything Davis could do to torpedo his opponent’s chance at a victory. Tate is the epitome of a dirty politician and he didn’t learn the first time around, it looks like he won’t learn this time around either, where the consequences could be even greater.

The trust between Jenny and Saxe is broken, as she pleaded her case and he did the same. They might not like each other at the moment, but they realize they need one another. That scene between Effie and Tariq was intense people. Let’s just say after she exposed her true colors and he decided to sleep with Diana, which Effie caught, these two are about to become mortal enemies. With Cane in Effie’s corner, that might not be good for Tariq, especially if Cane has Brayden in his corner was well. There is also that tidbit about Brayden paying off Tate to terminate Tariq’s internship so he could work at Weston Holdings.

Saxe spoke a bit of truth with Lauren about Tariq to get her to open her eyes and realize the guy she thinks she cares about isn’t an angel. He has secrets and they are pretty big ones. Cane realized the friction between Tariq and Effie could put all their lives at risk with Noma, just as he presented paperwork on Lorenzo’s life insurance to invest into Weston Holdings. The problem: creating a paper trail for the money to be clean. Salim pushed a bit too much to get Diana to distance herself from her family, and it resulted in him being iced out by Diana.

Tariq came face-to-face with Big Mama who gave him a bit of truth about his actions having consequences. Yes, the truth hurts Tariq that is why family delivers it best. This relationship between Gordo and Dru is going to be wicked. He killed Dru’s father, and Dru has no idea. Monet gave Gordo the information to kill Lorenzo, and he’s implementing a war with the Russians who had no role in it? Yeah, I thought another Tejada would be dying this season and all signs are starting to point towards Dru.

Diana, Diana, you think you’re slick, but little do you realize you have just been caught on camera moving drugs. You’re in deep in the drug game sweetie and all is not going to end well for you. Tariq had a plan to ensure his Big Mama was safe, by coming up with a scheme to make Noma and her henchmen think he was fleeing, when it was a ruse to help his grandma get into protective custody. Have to commend Tariq for making the move to ensure his grandmother was safe; quite brave to say the least. Talk about a funeral. The Tejada’s were targeted as a result of Dru’s stupid move, luckily none of them were shot, as a Russian suffered a bullet to the head and Cane realized that Monet has appointed Dru to be in charge, and he was not pleased.

Blanca and Jenny are smart by laying low however it was the final moments that were intriguing. Monet is being haunted by Lorenzo for the move that she made. Cane is buttering up Effie which is going to give him the leverage he needs to strike back at Tariq and Monet when the time is right. Guilt is starting to haunt Monet, and a frazzled Monet is a fun one people. Until next week, “Ghost” fanatics!