HOLLYWOOD—Kendall Roy and Roman Roy might be in charge of Waystar, but it looks like Kendall is more like Logan Roy than he expected on “Succession.” At the end of last week’s episode, Kendall made a dirty move against his brother’s wishes and exerted his control. This week’s episode, ‘Kill List’ saw Kendall eating up his new role, with Hugo still buttering up to Kendall KNOWING what he KNOWS PEOPLE!

Roman is proving to be an even bigger a** then his father, Logan. A bit of chaos ensued involving the Mattson deal where Lucas requested all players to be in the room in Norway. Oh, that plane ride was awkward as Shiv did her absolute best to avoid Tom, while the kids stayed in their part of the plane, while everyone else was in the back frolicking at the notion of being able to dethrone the kids. Sure Gerri, you know exactly what to do.

This episode was a bit slow for my liking 15 minutes in people. Kendall, Shiv and Roman were confident in their strategy with Mattson, even though Carl wanted to share his thoughts. Talk about bad timing, Connor was busy trying to plan their father’s funeral, as the kids were focused on sealing a massive deal. Guest star, Alexander Skarsgard is back people, as the deal of all deals is in the midst of taking place. The pitch started to transpire, as Lucas was pretty bold in his arguments, as Kendall and Roman felt a bit edgy.

Lucas is a jokester that I think was strategy to keep Roman and Kendall off their A-game. Yeah, Kendall and Roman don’t have that business savvy approach that their father Logan possessed. There are nerves to bartering for Kendall and Roman that Logan never displayed. Lucas is seasoned, and this tells me this is where Shiv might have the edge over her brothers. Shiv shared some vital Intel as I expected with her brothers about the deal that altered things.

Greg is such a hilarious character. He does his best to infiltrate the kids all the time with no success people, same with Tom, who attempted to bond with Lucas, with some awkward laughs to say the least. Kendall and Lucas decided to go toe-to-toe in public with a counter-offer, with Shiv and Roman by his side. It felt like a stalemate at the moment, as it was clear the ego on Kendall is just as big as the one on Lucas. That sauna scene was hilarious.

Lucas is a bit more direct with Shiv, than the others, and she is more calm when it comes to deal closing compared to her brothers. Looks like Logan taught his daughter some things his sons failed to pick up on. However, there is also some chemistry between these two. What does that mean? Shiv might be able to utilize Lucas’ potential interest in her as an advantage to close the deal. Kendall wanted to kill the deal, out of concern that Lucas cannot be trusted, which Roman was slightly in agreement to. Roman just doesn’t have that confidence he needs to run a business in my opinion. Shiv commiserated with Lucas on her marriage, while he chatted about his love life as well. Shiv asked Kendall and Greg about that media piece that was displaying a negative angle to a potential deal.

Shiv pointed out Tom’s shoes, just as he countered about her big, flabby ear lobes. Kendall and Roman met with Lucas at the top of a mountain to chat more about the Mattson deal. Lucas picked up on Roman and Kendall’s plan to tank the deal. Damn, he sees right thru the tactics they are utilizing when it comes to business. Lucas took a dig and called out Roman and Kendall for being a disgrace to their father. Roman lost his cool and went on a weird rant telling Lucas exactly how he felt, and Lucas used that to his advantage. The Old Ones as I will like to coin them were hoping to figure out if a deal was reached or tanked.

Lucas offered a revised offer of $1.92 which was a massive increase on the Mattson deal. Hmm, that was not Roman or Kendall; that was all Shiv people. The audience got that confirmation when Lucas called to speak to Shiv and she sent him a pic of her brothers stunned faces. The Kill List concluded off: Ray, Mark, Hugo, Frank and Carl. There are some very interesting dynamics in play here America, can’t wait till next week on “Succession.”