HOLLYWOOD─Last week’s episode of “Power” placed a major focus on Tommy Egan, but this week the focused turned to Congressman Rashad Tate. This week’s episode ‘Reversal of Fortune’ saw Tate was spiraling after learning his campaign was over because of St. Patrick. He placed himself in a stupor where he got so drunk, his older brother had to take him home. We learned that Tate’s brother is also a cop, and he gave him a bit of advice to not stay in politics to get back at James, but do it for the people.

Coop and Carter are goons from Rashad’s past, who he called to take out James St. Patrick, but had a change of heart when he received a visit from Saxe and Rodriguez, looking to take down James. Rashad got giddy, but when he broke the news to Coop and Carter, they didn’t take it so well. He did his best to attempt to warn his former ally that his life was in danger, but Ghost and his ego wouldn’t listen. Tate did have positive news as a visit to a local diner proved he has constituents who are pulling for him to claim the governor’s seat.

Seriously, who knew politics was such a twisted game of chess, as Rashad’s talk with Ramona and Steven didn’t go as well as he had planned. We go back to that scene, where Ghost and Tommy were under attack. Tommy got the upper hand and took out Coop, as he continued to search for the other shooter, who managed to escape. Tate received valuable information from Dre about Tariq and utilized those details to warn Tasha that James plans to toss Tariq under the bus.

Tasha was skeptical about the news Rashad delivered her way. Carter confronted Rashad and was ready to shoot him dead, but his brother Kamal took out the threat. Rashad weaved a tale about a robbery gone wrong, but the audience knows it’s not true. Rashad’s day just keeps getting worse. His office was cleaned out by the Democratic Party, just as Rodriguez delivered that his testimony would not be needed.

Simon dropped by with Lorette Walsh asking for his endorsement of his rival and her Lt. Governor James St. Patrick. We were already teased that Tate paid Dre to murder Ghost, but someone beat him to the punch. Rashad received a call from Kamal asking his brother to detail the shooting on his property. Looks like dirty cops are everywhere, even though Kamal seems to be one of the good guys. Tate learned that a shooting transpired at Ghost’s nightclub and it worried him.

Looks like a brotherly rivalry between Kamal and Rashad going back to their childhood. Against his brother’s wishes, Rashad got out of the cop car and saw himself flooded by reporters hoping to gain a comment on the death of James St. Patrick and the Democratic Party. He used that sad news as an opportunity to boost his prospects to gain an edge with Walsh and the governor’s race. Steven and Lorette paid Rashad a visit, where he was asked to join her ticket and become Lt. Governor. The ego on this guy is unbelievable. He refused because he wants the Governor seat, not Lt. Governor. Steven seemed to think Rashad had a case, but Lorette was livid and let it be known.

Rashad gave a rousing speech pandering to the public to vote for him to become the next Governor of New York. Ramona watched from a distance with disgust on her face. Rashad was shaky when he learned that Dre was killed in prison. Proving to be a snake, Rashad threw Ramona under the bus by exposing her affair with James. Simon taught Rashad to keep his ego in check. Rashad received a visit from a fiery Ramona who was not surprised to see Tate and Cassandra with one another.

A great development in the episode, was the audience learning that the murdered of James. St. Patrick was arrested, as Tate watched the news unfold with fear on TV. The big tease was the revelation that the killer was revealed on live TV, unfortunately, the audience still didn’t get to see the face of the guilty party. So next week is the series finale of “Power,” where Ghost’s killer will finally be revealed. Hmm, why does my instinct tell me the killer is none other than Tariq? I mean Tommy was shook by the reveal and now Tate, so that screams wonders people. Why we’re being teased that Saxe is a possible contender I’ll never know. Until next Sunday “Power” fanatics!