HOLLYWOOD—Questions are getting answered in episode six of “Preacher.”  I feel like we are really working our way up to the climax of the season now.

We begin where we left off last week with DeBlanc, Fiore and Jesse in the diner explaining what Jesse’s power is: Genesis! Genesis is the love child of a demon and an angel who fell in love during the Endless War between Heaven and Hell.

Jesse has his doubts about Fiore and DeBlanc until he witnesses them beat up a woman of super strength. The two angels kill the woman and then with a flash of light she appears whole again to come after all three of them. Witnessing this kicks Jesse’s belief in the angels into high gear and he escapes with them.

The woman is a Seraphim angel that has come to collect Fiore and DeBlanc for leaving Heaven without permission. Luckily for them, it doesn’t seem that anyone from Heaven knows Genesis has not only gone missing, but is now living inside a human.

The intro ends at the Sundowner Motel with an epic fight between Fiore, DeBlanc and Jesse versus the Seraphim. The fight is almost comical, because every time an angel dies the body stays and they come back in a brand new body. So as the fight progresses, and Cassidy joins in, the hotel room slowly starts to pile up with dead angel bodies.

After they detain the Seraphim, Jesse tells the two angels that he will be keeping Genesis inside him. The angels warn him of unwelcome and unforeseen consequences, but Jesse simply uses Genesis to command the angels to stay away from him.

Tulip in a rage knocks on Emily’s door, goes into her house and smashes a children’s art project as she yells at Emily to stay away from her boyfriend. Emily in return yells at Tulip for smashing the art project.

This leads to some bonding between Jesse’s past girlfriend and his possible future love interest. Tulip even agrees to help Emily out with some church errands and we find out that in the past Tulip had a child.

As Jesse and Cassidy are cleaning up after the motel fight a smidge of information about Jesse comes to light as Cassidy notices his “Tulip” tattoo. They do share a difference of opinion as what to do about Genesis.

Cassidy feels that the angels outrank Jesse and that he should listen to them. Jesse thinks that Genesis is a gift from God and that this is part of God’s plan for him. He plans to continue to use Genesis in Annville and we can guess what his plans are by seeing the loud speaker he has attached to the front of the church.

Since Jesse has used Genesis to make Mrs. Loach forgive Eugene, Eugene is becoming a little more popular in high school. A small group of boys even invite him to hang out and view some fireworks.

Mayor Miles is still dealing with repercussions from Quincannon’s massacre of the people from the Green Acre Group. He has been ignoring their calls all episode and even comes to speak to Jesse about finding out what God wants.

Tulip stops by to drop the church stuff off for Emily, and when Cassidy joins her in the closet they both realize they both know Jesse. When Jesse opens the closet Cassidy hides behind the door and Tulip continues to poke at Jesse’s newfound goodness. Cassidy seems to be hurt with the knowledge that Tulip is Jesse’s Tulip.

Before Sunday service with what sounds like a big crowd waiting outside the door, Emily tries to convey her nervousness about the reasoning behind why people are now at the church. Jesse reassures her and Emily sends Eugene in to see Jesse before the service.

It turns out that instead of being grateful for what Jesse did with Mrs. Loach, Eugene is disturbed by Jesse’s power. He says he wants Jesse to take what he did back, that it is not right, and that it is cheating.

Jesse snaps at Eugene saying this is God’s will and claims that Eugene does not want to be happy, and is in fact determined to be unhappy. Eugene continues to tell Jesse that what he is doing is a sin. That people having a choice to believe in God or not is what matters.

Jesse completely snaps and while using Genesis yells at Eugene to go to Hell. There is a popping sound and there is no one left where Eugene was standing. What did Jesse just do?

I think next weekend the repercussions of people’s actions are going to come to light. The hint to this is the last scene where we see Miles covering up the Green Acre Group killing for Quincannon. Until next Sunday!