HOLLYWOOD—More back story was filled in episode three of “Preacher,” but it seems to have left me with more questions than answers. We begin in Houston.

Previously, Tulip had mentioned a person named Dany to Jesse, who he seemed to know as well. Turns out Dany is a woman who hires Tulip to acquire things.

The map Tulip had stolen in the first episode is traded to Dany for a “last known address” of a mysterious someone. Dany then meets another unknown character in the theater and gives him the map.

Back in Annville, Texas, Jesse’s powers seem to have a rippling water effect on townspeople he has interacted with. The Loach girl in a coma from episode two had opened her eyes as Jesse had asked her to do, but that is all. This has led to a new faith in the Loach mother.

Donnie, the man Jesse made squeal like a bunny in a bear trap in the first episode, is still dealing with his broken arm and being made fun of around town. Linus, the bus driver still does not remember the girl Jess told him to forget even as she enters the bus.

The possibilities of Jesse’s powers are beginning to be explored. He tells Cassidy about what happened and then orders him to do a bunch of silly things in his distorted voice, like hopping on one leg and singing like Johnny Cash.

It seems like whatever is inside him is exerting some control as Jesse’s demands get out of control for a moment until he tells Cassidy to fly and Cassidy leaps into a wall. Cassidy is not harmed, but instead is excited about the powers that he tells Jesse it doesn’t have to be a curse.

Tulip on the road gets pulled over by a cop and spins a story to get out of the ticket. We do see a flashback of her in a dress yelling at a car speeding away. The two professional looking men who Cassidy had “killed” last episode are busy upping their manpower to retrieve the thing inside Jesse.

A little more information is shared on the company that bought the farm last episode. The name of the company is Quincanon and Donnie works for them as the right hand man. The strange boss is not really pleased with his broken arm, though.

Back on the road, Tulip finds Jesse and makes him pull over. They argue about being good people or criminals and Jesse is about to leave when she shows him the “last known address” of a man named Carlos.

We get to see more of the previous flashback showing Jesse had shot a man in the head before the car drove away that Tulip had yelled at. Tulip wants Jesse to help her out with some justice against Carlos by killing him, and Jesse leaves with her.

The two professional looking men arrive at the church in full SWAT gear and armfuls of guns loading them down. They are ready to go and get one step towards the church before Cassidy runs them over.

He realizes those are the guys he had killed previously and concludes they must be clones. As he enters the church there is a flash of light by the motionless bodies and they soon enter the church as well.

The men are able to convince Cassidy they are not after him and don’t seem to know what a vampire even is. They say that they are supposedly from the government and/or from Heaven, and convince Cassidy that they want the entity inside Jesse so those powers will not get used by anyone. Cassidy tells them that instead of barging in to let him be the middle man and he will get Jesse to them.

At a gas station Jesse is cornered by Donnie with a gun in the bathroom. He almost uses his powers for evil getting Donnie to sit on a toilet and put the gun in his mouth, but at the last second he decides against it and lets Donnie go.

He also seems to have changed his mind about bringing justice to Carlos, which just brings out a fierce anger in Tulip who will not leave without him. At the end of the episode the sheriff tells his son Eugene to pretty much steer clear of everyone, and Jesse and Emily are the only ones to attend Ted’s, the guy who cut his heart out in episode one, funeral.

I am curious where the show is going to go from here. It seems there are limitations to the powers as the people only literally do exactly as Jesse tells them what to do. Will he use his powers for good or evil?