UNITED STATES−On Friday, August 28, President Trump, 74, met a large crowd at a hangar at Manchester-Boston Regional Airport in Manchester, New Hampshire for an outdoor Trump Rally, less than 24-hours following the closing of the RNC.

Contrary to media reports approval ratings for President Trump are at an all-time high.  Polls reports indicate that President Trump’s Approval rating rose again during the 4-day RNC.

Zogby Poll

The latest Zogby poll published on August 26, indicates that that President Trump’s job approval rating of up to 52 percent.

Deputy Campaign Manager for Joe Biden, Kate Bedingfield, said in a Tweet, “President Trump draws fewer viewers for his convention speech than Democratic challenger.”

The President flew in on Air Force One to a record crowd waiting to welcome him and vendors selling everything Trump by the hangar in Londonderry, New Hampshire.

“Last night, it was my great honor to accept the Republican nomination for President of the United States, ” Trump said to a roaring crowd.  “We’re going to win.  Does anybody have any doubts?”

N.H. Mask Mandate

N.H. Governor Chris Sununu told news reporters he would greet the President at the Airport, but indicated he would not stay for the rally, though President Trump did invite him to stay. Masks were worn by attendees and temperatures were taken as N.H. Executive Order 63, for groups over 100 indicated.

Trump ragged on former VP Biden, 77, at both the RNC and in New Hampshire, saying “Sleepy Joe, says he won’t come out of the basement until after Labor Day.” The DNC was more of a virtual event.

The RNC ended with a firework show. There was as much enthusiasm inside the perimeter of the White House property as there were protests outside the WH perimeter.

Reports suggested the mob protesting in the streets of Washington D.C. were an organized, well-funded protest with video footage of protestors attacking police officers.

MSNBC News commentators called Trump’s cheering crowd in New Hampshire, “Illegal.” Headlines regarding the Protests outside the White House, read, “Tense, but Peaceful,” and then, “Protestors were organized to distract away from the President’s acceptance speech.”

Jane Recker of The Washingtonian wrote, “A-Go-Go Band and Protestors will try to drown out President Trump’s RNC speech, … a few thousand demonstrators have said they’re showing up to help.”

MSNBC did not report on the record crowds of protestors outside the White House as illegal. Kentucky Senator, Rand Paul told reporters he felt like he and his wife’s lives were in danger.

In Friday’s speech in N.H., President Trump suggested he may have to invoke the Insurrection Act to bring in U.S. troops into rioting cities. Portland, Oregon has had 80 days of rioting. The cities leaders do not want assistance from police or from Washington D.C.

CNN News reporters indicate that that President Trump is to blame for the riots for inciting fear of Antifa and Black Lives Matter in his followers. So far this year, news reports indicate that 750,000 police officers have been injured in the protests.