MALIBU — The city of Malibu has announced multiple emergency preparedness trainings, drills, and meetings as national preparedness month September, approaches.

“With Southern California’s wildfire season already bringing small fires, power outages and heatwaves to Malibu and some of the largest fires in California history to other parts of the state, the City of Malibu invites all community members to join in the City’s many virtual preparedness trainings, meetings and drills throughout September,” a statement from Malibu reads.

The emphasis on emergency preparedness comes “as extreme fire conditions and mega-fires have become the new normal in California,” as Mayor Mikke Pierson. However the trainings will not solely cover fire preparedness, each week of September will have a different theme covering an array of natural disasters.

The themes for the week of September are as follows; Malibu’s New Emergency Survival Guide, Disaster Planning, Earthquake, Wildfire, and Public Safety Power Shutoffs.

Starting off the month on September 1 the American Red Cross will present plans for shelters and evacuations and how COVID-19 has affected both of these tasks. The next day, Malibu will present new evacuation zones and the day after Malibu’s disaster notification system will be tested.

“Ever since Woolsey, Malibu has been significantly ramping up its wildfire preparedness efforts. The pandemic has not slowed down fire season, or our preparations, and we are offering virtual events and resources to help you get your family and your neighborhood ready for the next big fire. Now is the time to make your emergency plans, harden your home and build up your emergency supplies,” said Pierson.

A disaster plan and emergency kit class will be offered on September 10 for residents to learn how to create a plan, pack an emergency kit, or improve an existing plan or emergency kit. Another class of earthquake preparedness and home hazard will be offered on September 17.

For details on all of the events, Malibu will be offering throughout national preparedness month, visit