UNITED STATES—On Thursday, August 6, President Donald Trump signed the ‘Buy America’ Executive Order to ensure essential prescription drugs and supplies are purchased in the U.S. first before seeking them globally.

“We have rejected globalism and embraced Patriotism,” President Trump said at the Whirpool Manufacturing plant in Clyde, Ohio.

He toured the facility, which is one that brought its manufacturing back to the U.S. President Trump noted the Made in the USA stamped on the washers and dryers.

While speaking to the crowd, he announced the signing of the new  order bringing essential medication and pharmaceutical supplies home to the US.

“A short time ago, I signed the new executive order to ensure that when it comes to essential medicines, we buy American,” President Trump stated.

This is the first time the POTUS has been to Ohio since January. According to reports,  this is the first time a sitting President visited Sandusky County since the year 1912. He was greeted by supporters.

Peter Navarro

Economist, Peter Navarro, Assistant to the President and Director of Trade and Manufacturing  spoke to reporters over the phone stating:

“We are dangerously over-dependent on foreign nations for essential medicines, for essential medical supplies like masks, gloves, goggles, and the like.”

“During the course of the next four years, we will bring our pharmaceutical and medical supply chains home, ” Navarro tweeted. “And we’ll end reliance on China just like we did with the washers and dryers… we’ll be making our products here.” “Huzzah!”

As part of his America First campaign, President Trump signed another Executive Order on July 24, that reduced pharmaceutical costs for Americans. He indicated in a July 25, tweet that in some cases the savings on prescriptions would be as high as 50 percent.