HOLLYWOOD—Gosh, I can’t believe we are only 2 episodes away from finally learning who “A” is, and I haven’t figured out the pieces to the puzzle? The latest episode, ‘FrAmed’ saw the liars and the people they cared about in harm’s way as Charles aka “A,” set his sights on the lairs.

At this point I am starting to suspect that “A” and Charles could be two different people, perhaps that is what the writers of the show wants me to think. The episode opened with the lairs learning from the news that authorities are now aware that Charles DiLaurentis is their tormentor. “Maybe someone can finally put a fist to that face,” quipped Hanna. Ali alerted the liars that she met her brother in the past, but barely remembered anything about him. She mentioned her brother was not violent from her perspective.

Damn, Hanna is not showing any emotion, she was blunt in her feelings about “A” to Ali and the rest of the ladies. Hanna did her best to convince her mother that “A” was behind the scholarship money she received; this might be the smartest liar of the entire group. Ezra didn’t seem too fond of Aria’s new friend Clark, who seems to be getting closer to his former flame. Ali did her best to explain the situation to Lorenzo who suffered a broken arm because of Charles’ antics. Love is indeed in the air in Rosewood.

Hanna and Spencer did some digging about the Carissimi Group to follow the trail of “A’s” funding. Lt. Tanner placed Ella at ease about ensuring security would be around her daughter at an art opening. Looks like “A” was already planning to crash the art gallery party. Now for the first major bombshell of the night: “A” is working with ‘Red Coat.’ Yep, this is indeed a game changer! This means Ali and CeCe being the real ‘Red Coat’ was a complete ruse. So who could it be? My finger is pointed at Jenna or Sara. Theory, perhaps ‘Red Coat’ and “A” are fraternal twins?

Emily and Aria talked about prom, and rather they’d get the opportunity to attend the most important night of high school student. Inside the Carissimi building, both Hanna and Spencer snooped, before they came face-to-face with Rhys Matthews who had a stunning resemblance to Spence’s brother Jason. The ladies did their best to try to speak to Rhys’ boss, but he was not budging, so Hanna took a picture as a reminder. Ali was back to her old ways, as she stole Lorenzo’s badge to get into the Rosewood PD to get the scoop on what her dad was spilling to the authorities.

Hanna, Spencer and Emily all showed support to Aria at her art gig. Uh, Jason’s twin being “A,” way too easy, I’m not buying it. Aria asked Ezra to prom, but learned that he was in a new relationship with Nicole. Awkward. Hmm, Clark was acting slightly odd about his family. Aria was stunned to see her photos rigged by Charles; he showcased the liars within his dollhouse. This is a villain who is indeed everywhere at the drop of a dime.

Tanner deciphered to Ella and Aria that the liars belonged to him. So wait, now Charles is targeting Lt. Tanner. Finally, a parent gets angry. Ali snuck into the police station, who would have guessed it is so easy to gain access to the PD, well this is Rosewood. Ali learned that “Charles is definitely not Andrew Campbell, but discovered a crucial clue (a baby rattle) in the evidence box, before Tanner caught her red-handed. Why the hell hasn’t this woman arrested Ali?

She realized that evidence in the box is directly connected to her: the home movies, momentums, and Tanner alerted Ali that her brother might be more dangerous than she knows. Emily, Hanna and Spencer spotted Rhys outside the gallery and decided to follow him to an abandoned location, where they noticed Rhys was meeting Clark, Aria’s friend! Lorenzo was none too pleased to see Ali betray, perhaps Toby was correct for him to stay away; old habits never change.

Ella and Ashley bonded a bit over grappling with explaining to their daughters that they can’t attend their senior prom. They were desperate to find a way to protect their daughter from a nefarious force, just as ‘Red Coat’ watched from the window.

Emily, Spencer and Hanna informed Aria that Clark may not be someone she can trust, just as Lt. Tanner watched video of Rhys possibly working in cahoots with “A” to stage the photos at the art gallery. The final moments are definitely delivering major clues to “A’s” identity. Our tormentor was seen placing a bunch of tools, a set of syringes and a tuxedo into a trunk, before getting into a limo. He knocks on the window to see ‘Red Coat’ hand him an envelope with a bunch of tickets to the liars’ senior prom.

Darn, just when I thought I was close to figuring out “A’s” identity, now I’m forced to question who the hell ‘Red Coat’ is and how she and Charles or “A” could be connected. Next week is the penultimate episode before the finale. Why do I have the feeling Alison will come face-to-face with her tormentor right before the episode ends? Until next Tuesday “PLL” fanatics!