HOLLYWOOD—Yep, Emma got a taste of her own medicine when the video of her and Will having sex reached the social media sphere in the latest episode of “Scream: The TV Series” What the irony right? Of course, in the episode ‘Exposed,’ she was forced to come to grips that the people she thought she could trust she can’t. Just when she thought things couldn’t get any worse, she got tormented by the killer who compared her to her mother.

Mr. Branson did his best to get his class back in session, with all the chaos running amuck, but Will and Emma embarrassed themselves in class as more GIFs of her latest escapade made the waves. Looks like Emma has a shoulder to lean on with Kieran.

Jake egged on Will about his video, which proved once again these two are keeping way more secrets than they want others to know. Audrey and Emma both bonded over their losses, just as Sheriff Hudson found himself having to get cozy to an ex that he isn’t too fond of. Perhaps, she can put the pieces to the puzzle that he is unable to do. Piper continued to dig in places where she shouldn’t’ have been digging in. This character is beyond annoying in my opinion, and gives off vibes of ‘killer’ without actually saying much.

At Riley’s vigil, Emma received threats from the killer which left her slightly off kilter, and she spotted the killer hiding behind a tree. Hmm, does that mean all the people at the vigil are automatically off the list: Noah, Audrey, Jake, Will, Brooke, her mother, Sheriff Hudson, Kieran, etc. So who does that leave? Emma seemed to pinpoint that her mother is keeping secrets and she wanted answers. Oh Emma, so does the audience.

Jake and Brooke had a conversation about the situation between Will and Emma, and Emma overheard the discussion. Brooke admitted that she played a role in the set-up that involved Will making a bet  to sleep with Emma within a month. Noah and Audrey discovered that Mr. Branson hacked Nina’s files on her computer. Looks like the town of Lakewood has plenty of residents with secrets, as Brooke’s father was being blackmailed to keep a video of him from being leaked by Jake and Will.

Piper and Emma bonded over their troubled childhoods, and why did I get the weirdest vibe that Piper was divulging some wicked details to the viewer. Could she be the killer? Glad to see Emma unleash some anger onto Will for all his transgressions; she broke up with him. Brooke raised concerns to her father about her mother who has gone MIA. Brooke that likely means she’s dead already.

Jake and Will got into a fist fight over his and Brooke’s betrayal. Jake is indeed a tool, what the hell does Brooke see in this guy? The students of Lakewood took a self-defense class, and Audrey proved she is not one to be toyed with. Emma decided to get back at Will by sucking face with Kieran, just as Noah and Audrey hacked into Mr. Branson’s computer to learn that Nina, Riley and Tyler may have known his secret. When he confronted them it was obvious he knew they were up to something.

Emma received a call from the killer tormenting her once again, and I gotta say that voice is slightly eerie and creepy. Interesting to see Emma’s mother and Kieran’s father hooking up, but something tells me her mother is keeping a whopper of a secret. Brooke got a visit from Jake who brought pizza, and discussed tales of reinventing himself. He told her that Tyler and Nina had a video of her father and that he was being blackmailed, and that Will maintained the video. Wow, Jake framed his partner, but had no idea Brooke’s father caught the entire confession on tape and on his computer.

Authorities broke into the Nina Patterson laptop and were stunned with the level of secrets that Nina had on the residents of Lakewood. Brooke and Jake loaded the video of her father and discovered her dad removing the body of his wife from his trunk. Wow, he killed Brooke’s mother, and Jake just sat there showing little to no emotion at all.

Kieran further proved he is a creeper, by teaching Emma how to fire a gun to ensure her protection. Does he know something that he’s not ready to reveal? Will who, Kieran has filled that void so easily for Emma. The episode concluded with the lovebirds getting hot and heavy in the woods. That seems like a major no-no in the horror genre? So no bodies this week or last week, I’m almost certain blood will be spilled soon. Until next week “Scream” lovers!