HOLLYWOOD—So Alison is behind bars, and the liars are now aware “A” was behind the entire ruse? So what happened in “Fresh Meat?” We learned the murder weapon that was used to kill Mona: it was a butcher knife. Behind bars Toby paid a visit to Alison, where she informed him that the liars are not answering her calls, and that danger is lurking for her friends.

Hanna, Spencer, Emily and Aria began to speculate that Ali has someone on the outside helping her, but the speculation of Detective Holbrook helping a teen is surprising to say the least. Aria began to loose it with the possibility that college is not in her future. Wow, Mrs. Marin is back in the mix; she had a bit of a conversation with Jason about resigning from her duties at his mother’s business.

A search at Mona’s residence led Toby to discovering a bloody knife! He choose to keep the information to him self, uh-oh ethical dilemma for the new cop. He realized the knife is from his past, which raised the possibility that “A” could be setting them up. Ashley took a call from Alison who wanted to speak to Jason, but he wasn’t willing to take the call. Hanna booked on her college tour, just as Emily nabbed a gig as a caterer for Ezra’s book store opening. Aria was stunned to hear that Ezra’s ex, Jackie is the admissions advisor at the school she applied for.

Team Caler (Caleb and Spencer) teamed up to get the goods on the bloodly knife, where he divulged a bit about his past that not even Hanna knows about. The duo located the weapon.

Hanna took it upon herself to investigate Detective Holbrook herself and arrived at a dingy trailer park, and came across his creepy father who hasn’t seen him in weeks. Our wisecracking liar found her car hijacked and a teddy bear full of disgusting surprises!

Caleb informed Spencer that he couldn’t dispose of the weapon, they were playing “A’s” game and weren’t certain what to do next. So they planned to destroy the weapon, but could they also be allowing Mona’s killer to get away with murder? It was the perfect opportunity for “A” to take out a potential threat in Caleb, but Spencer came to his rescue.

Hanna paid Alison a visit to argue about her shenanigans, where she announced she was secretly meeting Cyrus the day that Mona was murdered. There was just one slight problem, Hanna didn’t buy what she was selling. Spencer came face-to-face with Johnny who was eager to rent out space in her backyard. Toby was none too pleased to learn from Spencer that she destroyed evidence. Looks like fractures are happening in Spoby’s relationship.

Jason and Ashley bonded over work details, wow; the adults of Rosewood sure seem to have a fixation on dating people younger than them. The workers had a full-blown kissing session. Aria decided to keep the truth about her admissions letter from Ezra to prevent him any heartbreak.

The final moments of the episode resulted in Aria receiving a message from “A” informing her about that little letter she wrote. Hanna came home to a major surprise when she found Jason leaving her residence. Alison received a message from “A” in her orange jump suit that read, “Your friends will see you soon.” Looks like our villain has major plans for the liars this season.

Next week looks to be a good one, as the truth about what happened to Mona’s body continues to be a major plot point. Until next week Tuesday “PLL” fanatics!