HOLLYWOOD—Jeez, I’ve been dying for “Pretty Little Liars” to return ever since the summer finale knocked of one of the major players of the series in Mona Vanderwaal (Janel Parrish). Audiences are used to the Halloween special, but this year the show put a twist on things by giving us a Christmas special.

And while the holidays are about family and fun, “How the ‘A’ Stole Christmas” was a bit demure in tone, I guess with it being the holidays and such. But one major revelation did come for audiences. MAJOR SPOILER ALERT so stop reading if you don’t want to know. The Lady in Black is Mrs. DiLaurentis! Wow, wait, how is that possible. She was at Detective Wilden’s funeral; she can’t be in two places at once? I’ll elaborate more on that later.

The episode opened with the liars strolling Rosewood attempting to elicit a bit of Christmas joy, but Hanna could only think about Mona. “Hope is a dirty four letter word,” quipped Spencer. Hanna got an early wish as Mona’s attorney delivered her a package containing specifics to Ali’s house. Looks like the ladies had even more reasons to attend Alison’s Ice Ball.

Throughout the episode, Ali received visits from ghosts of Christmas past, present and future from Mona. Yep, in the past she learned her mother wanted her to keep a big secret about two gifts that were identical. I’m not kidding if the writers pull the Alison has a twin twist after continuing to say they’re not taking that route I’ll be peeved. But if Ali doesn’t have a twin, than whom the hell does? Toby, Caleb, Ezra and Paige were all in on the plan to trap Alison to ensure Spencer’s name is cleared in Bethany’s murder. We know she didn’t do it, but then again do we?

Loved that scene where Hanna gave a dose of reality to a mini Ali in the making, she even used a curse word. Sydney and Jenna did their best to show the liars that their allegiance isn’t where they think it is. Hmm, interesting development; Ali is starting to remind me of Victoria Grayson from “Revenge.” Everyone is frightened of her, but Ali is scared of something also.

At the Ice Ball, everyone waited for Ali to make her grand entrance with her new sidekicks, but a figure cloaked in white watched the liars from a distance. So who was that person? None other than CeCe Drake! Yeah, she’s another plant in Ali’s crew to help with her master ‘plan’ whatever that may be. A new bombshell that will have brains churning is the possibility that Ali has been hooking up with Detective Holbrook; Aria witnessed ‘Santa’ and her former BFF kissing.

Hmm, I suspect Holbrook could have possibly been Board Shorts, not Ezra! Inside Ali’s house, Spencer and Hanna snooped for clues. Hanna learned Ali had a passport, and Spencer deciphered that Ali was communicating with someone via the newspaper ads. “A” entered Ali’s home butcher knife in hand. Spencer hid behind the couch, as Hanna continued snooping in the attic. So what did she find?

A letter from Ali to Bethany asking her to come to Rosewood on Labor Day, the day she disappeared. As Spencer armed herself with a piece of glass, Hanna came face-to-face with “A” and passed out. Looks like “A” fled out the window, but a face was seen hiding behind a collage of masks.

The episode seemed to be a bit of damper, as the gang celebrated the Christmas holiday together, but the big surprise came with “A” leaving the gang with a stunning message, complete with a Christmas tree and lights. What was that message, “Merry Christmas, B***** ‘A.’”  Our mysterious figure sure wanted the gang to know they’re watching.

I’m so torn with Ali, you love her one moment, the next you hate her. To see her spend the holiday all alone was so devastating for me to watch. Anyway let’s decipher some of those clues. If Mrs. D is the ‘Lady in Black,’ that means she must have a TWIN. That’s the only thing that makes sense. In addition, is her twin tormenting the liars, or someone that she cares about, if so who is it? And I have a weird inkling even though Ali didn’t die; she might be soon joining Mona and many other Rosewood residents in another realm.

That teaser video gives the impression that the rest of season 5 will be pretty dark, and fingers super crossed, we might finally get the revelation we’re dying for in terms of who “A” truly is. “Pretty Little Liars” returns on Tuesday, January 6, 2015 at 8 p.m. Until then “PLL” fanatics!