WESTWOOD—Prince Emanuele Filiberto, the owner of a popular food truck in Venice and an actual Prince as a result of being the grandson of the former King of Italy, will be opening up a new restaurant in Westwood during October. The new location will be at 1091 Broxton Avenue and is a standalone storefront, the first one that Filiberto is officially opening.

After initially planning to open near his food truck in Venice, Filiberto decided to go less than 10 miles to the north, right next to UCLA, so he can appeal to customers that will be attending the university.

During its time as a food truck, Prince of Venice has become famous for its assortment of pasta bowls.

Customers will be able to enjoy a bigger variety of dishes, as the Italian food will be expanding to a variety of Roman-style pizzas, Sicilian arancini, salads and various deserts to go along with the originals it’s been serving from its truck all these years.

The new establishment, which is currently unnamed, will be replacing what used to be Kopan Ramen, a Japanese sushi bar that closed earlier this month, with its last customer review on Yelp.com being posted on September 7.