GRIFFITH PARK— A new proposal of a gondola to meet the challenges of overcrowding and traffic congestion at Griffith Park is met with opposition.

According to Los Angeles times, the most recent proposal is generating heated opposition. More than 20 community groups and district City Councilman David Ryu no longer support the project.

Concerns have been raised over the effects of the Gondola on transportation, access and the environment, the idea resurfaced through the 2018 Dixon report, which was commissioned by Ryu to come up with idea for accessibility, safety, and mobility improvements around the park.

The report outlined 29 potential solutions, including an electric shuttle, the aerial tram, and even the construction of another Hollywood sign to spread out those seeking a photo op.

The Department of Recreation and Parks is conducting a feasibility study for the project, with help from the engineering consulting firm Stantec.

A sum of $750,000 has been committed to the completion of the study, which is set to conclude in January 2021.

Griffith Park stretches over an area of 4,200 acres and is nestled above Hollywood and Downtown L.A., and according to its website, “its popularity continues to grow as one of L.A.’s most desirable destinations.”

It attracts 10 million visitors annually leading to traffic congestion, road safety issues and fire hazards.