HOLLYWOOD—It has been such a long time since I watched moving drama or guilty pleasure TV watching that I completely forgot that “Queen Sugar” would soon return for its final season. That is right American, the seventh and final season of “Queen Sugar” kicked off this week with the premiere episode, ‘And When Great Souls Die’ witnessed Darla and Ralph Angel celebrating the birth of their new daughter, and all seemed precious in the Bordelon family, well for now.

Micah was busy getting settled into his new apartment, just as Charley was busy preparing for bigger political aspirations. Billie teased her father, Prosper about a possible romance that is blossoming. Nova was living blissful romance with Dominic, but it looks like Calvin will make his return to the picture sometime this season people. Nova was busy waiting for her story to be published exposing the dirty dealings about Black farmers losing their land. Vi and Hollywood were as happy as one could be. I wonder if Vi has baby fever because it certainly feels that way with Ralph Angel and Darla’s new bundle of joy.

Micah ran into past flame, Keke, which caught him off guard. This could be intriguing, just as Ralph Angel and Darla continued to help the Black farmers with their finances and ensuring that fight to secure their land didn’t fall into the wrong hangs. A new face in town, by the name of Mo dropped some good news on the farmers to help them secure and keep their lands via a co-op in the most difficult times. Who would have expected Ralph Angel of all people after losing the Bordelon farm at the hands of the Landry family would make a move to help the farmers stay as a united front.

Speaking of Billie, she might have a new suitor in Kenny who was hoping to get to know her a little better, but Billie had her guard way up people. Nova got amazing news about her book being turned into a possible movie that would yield thousands of dollars, but is she willing to put her family through that stress yet again on a much younger scale? She is having doubts people and rightfully so because the film could bring the family closer together or tear them apart even more.

The Bordelon family gathered for the christening of Ralph Angel and Darla’s daughter, Drew. I was wondering when we would discover the kid’s name and now we have it. It was hilarious watching that moment between Micah and Nova about his past returning to his present. The Bordelon family moment was ruined by the arrival of Sam Landry who just happens to be the bearer of bad news that ties Parker to the historical marker.

Parker is always willing to do her father’s bidding, no matter what the impact is on others. It’s apparent as I have suspected for quite some time that Parker might be Vi’s daughter, I just cannot shake that feeling people no matter how hard I try. If Vi IS NOT her mother, Vi knows something massive that will have ripple effects that I cannot imagine people. This is what I love so much about “Queen Sugar,” the realism and drama strikes you directly at the core and that is something that when you have it in a stellar TV series you cannot turn away. Until next Tuesday “Queen Sugar” lovers!