HOLLYWOOD—It just seemed like yesterday that we had wrapped up the fantastic, and you heard me the fantastic season five of the OWN series “Queen Sugar.” There is just such a level of realism and potency to this series that I have yet to see any other drama capture on the small screen. I mean they tackled the Coronavirus pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement in its storytelling. Just riveting stuff. All of that culminated with Calvin turning himself in for that brutal assault on a teen years back, Blue headed to D.C. to live with Darla’s mother to attend a prestigious school, Charley and Davis reuniting and Darla informing Ralph Angel she was pregnant.

All was looking good, and I was happy, until this new season ushered in some surprises for viewers. The premiere episode, ‘If You Could Enter Their Dreaming,’ Micah was still pursuing his undergraduate studies. Ralph angel was still on cloud nine realizing Darla is about to give him a child, just as he continued to run the operations of the farm to the best of his ability. However, there was still major friction between Aunt Violet and Ralph Angel, likely a result of him letting his aunt hear his truth about the decision to send his son to a school opening the door for more opportunities.

It is still hard to see the series have its actual characters don face masks and speak thru those masks while actually filming. It just adds layers to how impactful the pandemic has been behind and in front of the camera. Aunt Vi is keeping secrets from Hollywood, not good people. Charley is still hiding her relationship with Davis from Micah and the rest of the world. That might be a good idea considering she is thinking about a run for Congress. His scandalous past would not look good for her campaign. It does NOT look like Ralph Angel and Darla are doing too good on a financial front people; multiple pay day loans cannot be a good sign of a plentiful harvest.

Ok, I was not expecting that, Micah is sleeping with his professor. I wonder how Charley and Davis will feel when they learn about his new love. Now who is Vi sneaking food off to and not dropping the truth to Hollywood. It is someone who is staying at a hotel, but the audience has yet to see a face people. In addition, Ralph Angel is in danger of losing his land. Um, this might be the time to ask Nova or Charley for help because they would lose it if they learned you’re about to use the family land.

As the pandemic continued to trek own, the town of St. Joe was focused on a vaccination drive to get residents to get the vaccine to curb the spread of the virus, and like I said its resonates greatly seeing the show put that spotlight heavy on the importance of mask wearing even if people don’t think it’s important. When you see it on TV, it resonates that much stronger. It looks like the vaccination drive was not prepared to have as many people as expected. The goal was to ensure that vaccine was being given to those who were residents of St. Joe vs those who just showed up.

Well at least Vi knows that Charley is attempting reconcile with Davis, as she voiced her concerns about defunding the police. Nova was all for it, Vi was against it. I like seeing both sides of the argument being presented people. Nova found herself in a dicey situation where she was battling turning people away from the vaccine who did not sign up for it. The tension, the stress, this was something very realistic to what happened in my neck of the woods when the vaccine was beginning to roll out.

The issue of race came front-and-center for Nova after a bit of ignorance from a racist woman and a racist cop. As much as we want race, not to be an issue, even in the TV world it can get underneath your skin. Prosper got into a tussle with a cop that caused a town legend to tumble to the ground and things are not looking good people. Oh, such an epic way to kick-off the latest season of “Queen Sugar” I cannot wait till next week’s episode.