HOLLYWOOD—We are nearing the end of the drama, “Queen Sugar,” with the penultimate episode, ‘Be and Be Better’ as Violet and Hollywood considered the thought of adopting children again, and when they were approved the smiles on their faces said it all. I’m going to be honest, this Aunt Martha death is striking Nova much harder than expected, considering it’s a character the audience barely (and I’ll be honest I don’t ever recall seeing on the screen) saw.

Vi was a bit peeved with the notion that her contract to take her pies to the next level hit a skid with the taste not being what she expected with a missing ingredient cinnamon that takes things to the next level. Nova decided to educate Ralph Angel a bit about their mother’s legacy. Hollywood was pushing flyers to get people to support him for the school board even though he has an uphill battle. The friction between Darla and Ralph Angel is still thick in the air regarding rather to tell Blue the truth about Chase, and she dropped a bomb on him by revealing Blue is back in town.

Blue, True, Darla and Ralph Angle, now that is a happy family people and I wonder when the other ball will drop. So are Kiki and Micah an item or not? I’m getting the sense they are, but they aren’t. The writers are hinting that Micah might be taking the journey to New York while Billie made it clear that she is moving back to Chicago once things are finalized with the Landry land case. The debate was on as Hollywood proved his case as to why he should be elected as a member of the school board to guide them, to teach them and help them grow.

A bomb about Hollywood not finishing high school came to light. He did what he had to do to help his family in the dire time of need. He fell through the cracks and he made it his mission to make sure he was an ally for those students who are being ignored or not receiving the attention needed. Powerful debate skills people and if I was a member of Saint Joseph, Hollywood would have my vote. Nova decided to dig a bit into her mother’s past by visiting the place where her mother grew up with Dominic by her side.

Micah received a massive job offer in New York, but questioned what he would leave behind. School, Kiki, his family and he was battling internally on what he should or should not do. Ralph Angel found himself with a bit of happy news watching Sam Landry getting evicted, and Ralph Angel gloated a bit. To be honest it was a long-time coming if you ask me. Dominic received a major offer, one that would take him away from Nova yet again, so something makes me wonder if Calvin and Nova should be together. A move to Africa? That is ballsy, he asked Nova to come with him, but she was not ready for such a move, and it looks like this is the end for these two.

Nova decided writing was a good way to deal with her emotions, just as members of Saint Joseph were thrilled to see Sam Landry get a taste of his own medicine. Prosper updated that Sam’s pals who have deep pockets are ready to help him retain his land if needed. Prosper start a donation fund to see how much money could be raised. Micah informed his mother that he landed a job in New York and it would involve him leaving Xavier University. Charley, who has been MIA all season, wasn’t thrilled with her son’s decision.

His mother was quite dismissive to say the least, leaving Micah speechless as a result. Nova tried to connect with her roots once again before next week’s final episode ends on a climatic note. Who will return? Who will leave and what will be the aftermath of the chaos? Next week marks the end of “Queen Sugar” people after seven seasons.