HOLLYWOOD—It was the penultimate episode of “Queen Sugar” before the season five finale. The episode, ‘In Summer Time to Simply Be’ Blue learned about that school that his parents didn’t want him to know about. Their son finding that letter left Darla and Ralph Angel a bit speechless to say the least. Charley was still recovering from COVID-19, as Davis stood by her side as a loyal friend and her ex-husband.

There was indeed awkward energy in the air between the two; could a spark between the former loves be reignited. It is starting to feel like the writers might be headed in that direction people. While Hollywood was busy getting his virtual support group for the fellas in order, Violet was busy poking her nose into Ralph Angel and Darla’s business about Blue and that elite school.

It was apparent when Nova was prying with Ralph Angel about Blue it caused him to think twice about his decision. He spoke to Violet about the possibility of maybe sending Blue to that school in Washington D.C. to offer his son the best opportunities. Hollywood was the voice of reason in the situation which Violet did not appreciate.

I hate to say it, but the charming moments between Davis and Charley are cute people! Nova was digging on a case that she failed to note to Calvin about a college student from the past that got paralyzed as a result of police brutality. Ralph Angel used Micah as a sound board about the opportunities of doors that could open for Blue by attending that prestigious school. I feel like this tale that Nova is working on is going to create all sorts of drama people.

Charley and Davis continued to reminisce about their past and how great of a man Micah has grown into. Ralph Angel pried a bit into Blue’s conversation with one of his pals where he wanted to know what aspirations his son had. He was honest with his parents about his interest in going to that elite school in Washington D.C. which brought tears to both Darla and Ralph Angel. Yeah, that was a powerful scene America, damn powerful if I’m being honest.

Davis did his best to try to speak some sense into Charley about taking time to herself and not putting herself into a position where she overworks herself. Nova received a call from Andre Nixon for her story. The Bordelon clan had a family meeting where Darla, Ralph Angel and Blue broke the news to the family that he plans to attend the school. Everyone was happy with the result, however, Nova was a bit calculated in her response, but it was apparent Violet was the angriest about the decision.

Violet was quite nasty to Ralph Angel in their phone conversation, and both of them said things that cut deep letting her know she is not a mother and that Blue is NOT her son. It was a vicious conversation between family people and it was sad to witness to say the least. Violet was wrong, Ralph Angel was wrong, but in the long run it’s all about Darla and Ralph Angel doing what is best for their son regardless what others think.

Charley was thankful to Davis for taking care of her doing a dire time of need. Davis may have done some wicked things in the past, but that is the past people. Charley is indeed seeing her ex-husband in a new light people. Nova had a face to face conversation with Andre Nixon, a rising college student who is a paraplegic after being assaulted by that group of officers.

Nova was brought to tears by what happened to Andre and it was apparent that her relationship to Calvin is about to be tested in ways that will never be forgotten. When Andre revealed that the blow Calvin delivered to his back paralyzed him it was certain Nova was about to shatter into a million pieces and I mean a million pieces. Yeah, didn’t Calvin tell Nova he just sat back and watched?

Next week’s finale has me super excited because we are being teased an epic cliffhanger during the last five minutes that will change everything. Until next week “Queen Sugar” lovers!

Written By LaDale Anderson