HOLLYWOOD—It has been an event that is years in the making, especially for those of us who have been watching the series “Queen Sugar” since the beginning. We have seen the dismantling and the return and then the fracture then the reuniting of Ralph Angel and Darla. Well, this week’s episode, ‘May 19, 2020’ saw the long-awaited marriage between Darla and Ralph Angel and if there is a series that knows how to do a wedding it is this show people.

Planning a wedding in a day is near impossible people, but Darla and Ralph Angel did their best to make it work. Blue was happy with the news that his parents were getting married, as well Violet and Hollywood. Hollywood was too busy focused on planning that goodbye for his mother who unexpectedly died. Nova was ecstatic that her brother was getting married, after acknowledging her mistakes from the past.

Ralph Angel was busy setting the stage for the big shindig, which had Darla worried a bit, but he reassured her all was well. Darla was surprised with a virtual bridal shower courtesy of Charley and guests included her mother, Aunt Vi and Nova. Ralph Angel sent his condolences to Hollywood in his time of need. It was indeed a nice bonding moment between Charley and Ralph Angel who decided to race in the fields, recalling childhood memories that brought plenty of laughs for both of them.

Micah was honored to be his uncle’s best man for his wedding day, and Ralph Angel and Blue were busy prepping for the big day as well. Jitters were there for Darla as her big moment was upon her and she was worried about her past coming back to cause more ruptures for her future. Charley reassured her soon to be sister-in-law that her brother’s love for her is true and nothing she should question.

In the midst of grief, Hollywood managed to make it to his bestie’s wedding, with plenty of COVID-19 protocols in place to ensure absolute safety for all parties involved. See you can still film a series utilizing masks and put that message out there to those who might be doubtful about wearing a mask the absolute importance of wearing a mask. The big wedding kicked off with Darla and Ralph Angel sharing some absolutely tearjerker vows to viewers.

They are married people and the celebration was underway for Darla and Ralph Angel who are now husband and wife, and the wedding bliss on these two faces is a sign that if you fight for love you will ultimately find it. Looks like wedding fever is in the air as even Calvin discussed the notion of marriage with Nova who was taken aback at first, but seemed poised to the possibility if it occurs.

In the midst of happiness, there was sadness for Nova who visited her mother’s grave, just as Ralph Angel and Darla had a bit of a cake fight and laughs spread all across the family as everyone hit the dance floor for some classic music. I cannot wait to see next week’s sure to be game-changing episode as the issue involving George Floyd and police brutality rears its ugly head. Next week will be a can’t miss “Queen Sugar” lovers!