HOLLYWOOD—Why is it every show that I gravitate to, seems to end too soon. Another one of my favorites, the OWN series “Queen Sugar” announced this week that the show will come to an end in 2022. It was crushing to hear the news because I consider this series to be a notable one that strikes a chord every single time I tune in. The season six finale, ‘And You Would Be One of Them’  kicked off with Charley, Nova and Ralph Angel working on plans to find a way to neutralize Sam Landry and come up with a plan to save their family farm.

On that same trajectory, Hollywood went searching for information and the culprit who framed Ralph Angel placing him in a dicey predicament. This was a side of Hollywood never seen before, a vindictive one, and a nice edge to the character who up to this point has been a reserved soul. Violet was also part of the mayhem by inviting Sam to the diner courtesy of Charley.

Micah and Isiah decided to have a conversation about the statues of their friendship, which has been rocky with how people have perceived them. Micah opened up to his aunt Nova about the situation, and it allowed him to be honest with himself as Isiah seemed to hint that there was more happening in their friendship than he thinks.

Darla was very pregnant and on the verge of popping any day, just as Ralph Angel shared news with his wife that they will fight to regain his father’s farm. Billie received sound advice from her father regarding her relationship with Vince that she knew was over a long time ago. So after an honest conversation it was clear to Micah that he was not attracted to Isiah, but his love for his friend was strong. They two joked about how reality perceives them and it was a conversation that many Americans need to have especially in regards to how men are judged when it comes to masculinity.

Nova was intensely attracted to Dominic who continued to impress her, but it was apparent she was afraid to open her heart, especially after what transpired with Calvin. At long last they kissed and it was a passionate one to say the least. Charley received a pleasant surprise from Davis who popped in town to see her. Charley made a big decision accepting Davis’ marriage proposal and making that decision to move back to Los Angeles to live in the home that she initially built with her former husband who will now become her husband once again in the near future.

Yeah, I can see now where things will be headed as the show comes to its conclusion. Charley and Violet were waiting at the diner for Sam Landry to make his appearance and the ladies were laughing, but that was until his daughter, Parker showed and decided to twist the knife, but little does Parker realize her father was about to be dealt a major blow one not expected.

Parker discovered that the Bordelon farm is a historical landmark one that the Landry family cannot develop on. Parker refused to give the land back, but little did daddy’s little girl discover that things are about to blow up in an epic proportion. A bigger bomb dropped that land in the town of Saint Joseph was buying bought up by its residents, and Hollywood delivered another bombshell with Theo reneging on how Parker and Sam conned him to frame Ralph Angel. Well, well it looks like the Landry family is finally getting a taste of its own medicine.

Oh, I wish Sam had showed up, but again seeing Parker squirm was everything and I mean everything I wanted in a finale people. Talk about fantastic TV, it was that and so, so much more. Ralph Angel and Blue were forced to coach Darla to give birth because the midwife could not arrive in time, but Billie and Prosper arrived to assist with the birth of Ralph Angel and Darla’s baby girl. The audience did not see the actual birth, but its apparent when the seventh season kicks off in 2022 we will meet the newest member to the family.

Once again “Queen Sugar” delivered a satisfying season and an epic finale people. Can’t wait till summer 2022, that’s just a few months people before a groundbreaking series delivers its final farewell.